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The astrological forecast

  the Astrological forecast


Thursday, on August, 21st
Most likely, the mood since morning at you will be unimportant. Probably, to it there will be no visible reasons. Though, may be, that its unpleasant news about the works received at direct contact or by phone will spoil to you. In general - that put it is not too successful for business. However at trading workers of business will go not bad. And bank operations too will be successful.
your work can stop from - for your slackness and infantilism. Arieses can run today into serious depression. So take heart. Do not refuse to itself today small pleasures and pleasant gifts is can cheer you up. By the way, this day is good for purchases, and first of all it is recommended to buy home appliances, jewelry or cosmetic means.
today be more careful with strangers - you can deceive. Run at top speed from beggars and gipsies - in such days to them on eyes it is better not to come across. To be afraid today costs as well chief, is better not to disturb him the requests, and for increase of earnings and not to stammer at all.
today it is possible to return presence of mind to itself simple physical procedures - visit a gym or go to the masseur.
this day for Capricorns, Aquarius and Tauruses will be quite good.

Friday, on August, 22nd
Tomorrow since morning more than family scandal is probable. As a source of conflicts claims of a fine half to strong will serve. The situation will hold on difficult up to a dinner. Further you can quite forget about it, for will appear in a whirlwind of events which will be developed on work.
in second half of day you feel much more confident, than since morning. All morning emotional differences of mood will seem to you misunderstanding which happens in life extremely seldom, and quarrels - time waste. Self-trust will give to you to appeal, and your thoughts - freshness and originality. Do not hesitate of non-standard approaches at the decision of those or other problems. Besides, concern eccentricities from others, and also to strange visitors with not less strange offers more attentively.
tomorrow many will be inclined to unexpected acquaintances (and even for them will search). In affairs delays, and also return to former intentions and contacts are possible. Tomorrow it is not recommended to sign long-term contracts. Try to be guided on Friday by concrete affairs which demand immediate execution.
successful day for Twins, Lvov, Capricorns and Fishes.