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Volleyball. World league

Vyacheslav Zajtsev: we will make everything to act successfully

the Bargaining chip of the Russian volleyball players - native walls
Yesterday in Moscow in sport centre Olympic the ending of World league on volleyball has begun. The command - the winner will receive the check for $1 million

the World league which founder is the president of the International federation of volleyball doctor Ruben Akosta, started in 1990 and has quickly won a recognition among fans of the volleyball, had an opportunity to see competition to participation of the best teams of the world every year.
to act in World league it is prestigious and favourable. It is prestigious, as all participate strong the volleyball world, it is favourable - as, for example, this year in matches of preliminary tournament each command received for a victory on $9600, and having lost, was consoled in the sum twice less. After the first stage all four national teams in each of three subgroups were earned depending on the taken place according to $430 thousand, $420 thousand, $410 thousand and $400 thousand
by the Russian volleyball players - constant participants of World league. Decisive matches of the most prestigious volleyball competition pass for the first time in Moscow. The history of the endings of World league testifies: in six of seven cases the victory and the main prize - $1 million - were won by owners of a platform. Whether native walls of Russian national team will help this time? It is necessary to recognise that chances of our command of success hardly more low, than at all the others. The reasons of it a little. During preliminary tournament the Russian trainers from - for traumas of leading players could not define and obkatat the basic structure. Before last four matches in a subgroup the head coach of a command Vyacheslav Platonov hard was ill, and it is literally on the eve of the ending the long-term captain of a national team Dmitry Fomin was traumatised. Despite all losses, Vyacheslav Zajtsev, the well-known volleyball player in the past, pupil Platonova fulfilling nowadays duties of the head coach, does not panic: We will struggle up to the end and we will make everything to act successfully .
At traditional applicants for the higher awards in the main tournaments of last years - commands of Holland, the champion of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, and Italian national team, silver prize-winner Igr in the USA, the world champion of 1994 and Europe of 1995 - after Atlanta have occurred changes. Italian national team was left by the well-known trainer Hulio Velasko and six world champions. Dutches have arrived to Moscow with the new instructor and without four Olympic champions. There are losses in the Cuban and Brazilian national teams. Have not avoided changes and Bulgarians.
some words about system of carrying out of competitions. On Friday tournament in one circle will come to the end. The commands which have taken in him the first and second places, will play on July, 5th the main prize. Two following them in the table national teams will meet in a match for the third place.
yesterday Russians played with Bulgarians. The result of a match became known after number signing in the press. Today Dutches, then Cubans and Brazilians will be contenders of Russian national team.