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Swindle in the bill market

In the Savings Bank catch swindlers
  Swindle in the bill market

In the Savings Bank catch swindlers

by the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation there is begun office investigation of attempts of swindle with bank bills. The matter is that already more than two weeks across Moscow walk offers on sale of large packages of bills of the Savings Bank - on 30 and 140 mlrd rbl. Are offered they at the price considerably below market. According to participants of the market, the given offers - obvious attempt of a deceit of buyers. And it is rather probable that speculators have entered arrangement to employees of some branches of the Savings Bank.

the Offer to buy 140 - the milliard package of bills of the Savings Bank was received by the majority of the largest participants of the bill market. The seller naming those with the employee of firm Goroptorg the intermediary representing its interests, offered two schemes of the transaction. The first - from 100 % - ache an advance payment - as a rule, at once did not arrange buyers. Besides the seller warned that bills at it while are not present, but they will be written out by the Savings Bank after transfer of money.
then other scheme was offered clients: money is deposited in bank and arrives in payment for bills only after reception by their buyer. The buyer after deposition of money should visit the Savings Bank together with the seller and receive there bills. Only after that the seller received money. And affirmed that bills will be written out directly to the buyer, and the firm - the seller will not appear at all in number of holders.
This offer looked is rather tempting, and many participants of the market have really begun preparation for the transaction. Syndicates for purchase of this package in which lists leading Russian banks appeared were created even.
the only thing that seemed to clients suspicious is the price on which bills were offered. It was considerably below market that guarded potential clients. Many of them had a sensation that game here not absolutely fair. Under our data while anybody has not bought these bills. The same who has addressed for consultation in the Savings Bank OPERA, have been much surprised - about outlined issue of so large volume of bills there it was known nothing.
However if the Savings Bank was not going to emit the bill it is not clear how the intermediary expected them to sell to the buyer. To write out the bill it could not show any documents on the bank consent to it. But to have them for transaction carrying out it was necessary - without bills of money from the buyer not to receive. Means, the seller has been assured that in the fullness of time bills at it will be. The deputy chief of bill management RAU - bank Leonid Fomin has assumed possibility of arrangement of the seller with one of Savings Bank branches. Then firm - the seller - only the intermediary, and the true speculator - Savings Bank branch. Really, the branch could write out bills for the sum exceeding a limit established for it bypassing the law. At attempt of their repayment the transaction would be recognised by void - to the seller would tell that the branch has exceeded powers, and money would not give out.
the chief of bill management of Promradtekhbank Sergey Shindin (him also offered this package) has noticed that in the text typical Contract which was brought by the seller, payment of bills through any branch of the Savings Bank that is atypical was provided, it is necessary as usually to pay to directly branch - to the emitter. All specified reasons, and also that fact that in the Savings Bank OPERA about release of the given package is not known, do the version about participation in an event of one of branches of the Savings Bank rather probable.
one more scheme transactions it was offered on 30 - 40 - to milliard packages of bills. Unlike the previous case, these bills really existed. It were papers the OPERA of the Savings Bank with repayment term on September, 18th. Their price also was much more below market. To the buyer of the bill showed, then suggested to check up in the Savings Bank their authenticity. And once the transaction has almost taken place. The buyer, intending to get bills for the sum 30 mlrd rbl., has arrived together with the seller in the Savings Bank OPERA. The person presented by the employee of bank, has declared to it that check of authenticity of bills will occupy 30 - 40 minutes.
however the client was guarded with the signature of one of officials on the bill - he knew that this person always uses perevoj the handle, and here the signature has been made by the ball. To check up the arisen suspicions, the buyer has decided to talk to other employees the OPERA which have informed it that about such employee, no less than about the given package of bills, hear for the first time. Official representatives of the Savings Bank have declared to us that are not ready to make comments on a situation yet. Employees of bank in an informal conversation have confirmed to the Businessman - Daily the fact of the beginning of office investigation on the given incident.