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Anniversary of August putsch of 1991 is not marked at us officially. But all
  Direct speech

Anniversary of August putsch of 1991 is not marked at us officially. But nevertheless crash of the Soviet empire can be perceived as revolution. As well as any revolution, those events have generated expectations and hopes. Whether they have come true?

Vladimir Dashkevich, the secretary of the Union of composers:
- At that time it was possible to expect everything. There was, of course, any unexpectedness in events. Something, of course, should occur, as time of signing of the allied contract after which it would be already too difficult to change something approached. After Gorbachev`s arrival I expected that Yeltsin uses political time and political will completely to finish the CPSU as the organisation and to force it to be responsible for everything that occurred to the country. Frankly speaking, I expected that there will be any similarity if not the Nuremberg process (though it too should be made), plan on denatsifikatsii - as in Germany. Communistic officials should be responsible for the crimes. Is better, of course, it Gavel who has forbidden any officials of Communist Party to occupy the state posts has made and to be selected in parliament. It is sad that it has not occurred at us. And all these people who remained, it seems to me, strongly slow down movement of Russia in the future.

Jozas Budrajtis, the attache on culture of embassy of the Lithuanian republic in the Russian Federation:
- We in Lithuania did not see any other variants of succession of events, except restoration of independence of our country. Certainly, all could develop differently. But after putsch it became definitively clear that return will not be.

Valery Novodvorsky, the chairman of the party the Democratic union :
- When Gorbachev has returned from Forosa, I to admit, did not count even that we have received. Its behaviour showed or its involvement, or that it any powers of darkness manipulate, and it and does not resist. It in general appeared whereas the governor weak, and not that that about reorganisation deepening, but in general about its continuation there could be no speech. I thought that can turn back as with Stalin who cleaned the colleagues, that Did not climb popered fathers in a scorching heat . Sitting then in Lefortovo, I at all did not represent that me here and so on August, 23rd will let out. Many figures Demsojuza even did not wait from Yeltsin for such resoluteness. Yeltsin`s merit, of course, that it then, without knowing ford, it was put in water. It hardly represented then how to carry out reforms and in general where to move. But that it has pulled out the power at Gorbachev, the union has dismissed, normalised relations with the West, it is its great merit, here to it is what to show to descendants. Certainly, without it anything such would not happen. So, it is necessary to tell, democrats then have underestimated it.

Pavel Lungin, the film director:
- There are, of course, dreams and a reality. All of us have made the big opening that the world of the free market is more rigid, than we would like to see. Our present future was represented to intelligency in pink light, certainly. We then have lived two weeks of simply full brotherhood and the love, any desired freedom. But real life has then come, and the world became absolutely not similar to our pink dreams. But and now it seems to me that all occurs normally. It is that way of healing which all of us so wished. I consider that we really move to democracy which we saw unless in dreams earlier. It is our such sick akselerat, it, of course, has set of lacks. I think that all this loop of communistic dream leaves also modern Russia became more similar to the pre-revolutionary: the same merchants, there can be not absolutely cultural or at all thieves and grabbers, the same dekadentstvujushchaja and rezonerskaja intelligency and huge, uneducated weight of the population which is absolutely not ready to capitalist life. My sensations are similar to what were tested by elite in 1917: 70 of years of communistic board have faded faster, than it was possible to present.

Kerol Williams, head of Russian correspondent`s office Los Angeles Times:
- I have arrived here from Hungary in the end of August after all has already ended. And I thought that simply some more weeks will proceed disorder and anxiety which reigned then. But that Soviet Union can so quickly to collapse, is literally within several days... I have spent to the USSR four years the correspondent in the eightieth and thought that this structure is much stronger, than it has appeared.

Sergey Lissovsky, the president of the Russian association of regional broadcasting companies:
- As well as all people, I too waited that at last - that the country will take a civilised way of development, begins to live in one measurement with other world, will get rid of everything connected with communism. I hoped that all it will occur literally for two - three years after CPSU wreck. As well as all who then has supported Yeltsin, I was the romanticist somewhat. The way to desirable heights has appeared much more difficult. Dramatic, I would tell. But I and am assured till now that the way was correct, and acknowledgement to it is other, present Moscow, other people in streets, first of all, young men. They any more liberated, independent, liberal. In this new generation pledge of the future greatness of Russia in the XXI-st century.