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Imperial have refused to make a clearing bank

Imperial force out from card business
  Imperial have refused to make a clearing bank

Imperial force out from card business

As company UCS has informed yesterday protsessingovaja, the next two years the basic part of the trading network accepting cards Diners Club is fixed to it. As a result the basic part of business on these cards on which the bank " reckoned; Imperial remained with its competitors.

In Russia all payments on cards Diners Club (these cards have started to be accepted in the USSR in 1969) are served protsessingovaja by company UCS which from last year belongs to ONEXIMBANK and the Bridge - to bank.
however three years ago bank Imperial has declared the plans to develop business on cards Diners Club which are considered as the most elite in the world, having created company Diners Club Russia. It was supposed that to the company should pass gradually all business on cards of this international system. However to carry out these plans competitors " have prevented; Imperiala .
Service of payments in shops is the most profitable part of card business, therefore it is no wonder that company UCS has not wanted to leave the exclusive rights. As its shareholders have extensive enough plans in the card market.
Leaning against the communications in the international card business, the ONEXIMBANK and the Bridge - to bank managed to compel Imperial to accept the conditions. As has informed to the Businessman - Daily the vice-president of company UCS Vladimir Komlev, these conditions consist that the base of shops UCS remains in inviolability within two years. To other Russian banks (now the right to conclude contracts with shops on service Diners Club have Imperial and the International industrial bank) is forbidden to be enticed shops UCS, otherwise it is necessary to pay considerable penalties.
considering that the network of reception of elite cards Diners Club potentially is not great (it basically hotels and points of sale of air tickets) to develop a service network independently Imperialu it will be very difficult.
thus, in spite of the fact that Imperial Has been chosen by a clearing bank on card payments of system Diners Club to Russia, the basic business on cards on - former it will be concentrated in company UCS.
Besides till now all rouble payments on cards pass not through bank Imperial and through the London office Diners Club as the Russian branch has no technical possibility to support rouble payments.
However, the vice-president of company Diners Club Russia Andrey Damaskin has informed that Imperial nevertheless counts that to it all functions of service of calculations on cards of this system will pass. However in the event that Diners Club Russia cannot since October, 1st (namely from this date in Russia calculations will be carried out only in roubles) to serve payments in roubles - UCS will continue to work not through Imperial and through the London office.