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Andrey Bartenev`s new collection

Andrey Bartenev: I like nested dolls, giraffes and sloniki
  Andrey Bartenev`s New collection

Andrey Bartenev: I like nested dolls, giraffes and sloniki

In to the Blizzard has presented a premiere of the new collection Clothes for a campaign in a supermarket the legislator of a capital paper fashion and alternative vitse - Ms. of the world - 96 Andrey Bartenev. For the first time it has shown to spectators of a thing from own clothes. The collection has been devoted forthcoming celebrating 850 - letija Moscow and, on a plan of the designer, showed changes in the Moscow fashion with 1992 for 1997. Andrey BARTENEV tells about the last collection in interview to a fashion observer the Businessman - Daily NATALIAS - ORLOVOJ.

- whether Truth that you soon will go to London where from your performance prepare Russian sensation ?
- On an extreme measure, it is wanted by Englishmen. It will be considerable performance in which two I are connected at once performance the Birth of the sun of the North in tundra snowdrifts and I to the sun to run through the moon . Over show statement in London Royal Festival Hall the professional choreographer already works, and in work professional executors are occupied. I do not know, how about sensation, but something from this precisely will turn out.

- It is said that there you represent as the participant of anniversary Moscow celebrations.
- Also it is truth though I to participate in this holiday did not receive till now personally any official invitation. But abroad our young artists see claimed and, probably, it is not necessary to explain to local public that it not always so.

- At words Bartenev`s fashion usually you represent something unimaginable, kartonno - paper with coarse giraffes and the cats replacing with a cachenez and ties. And your last collection consists from normal, though and enough amusing things. You really put on it?
is my answer to a traditional question of the society columnists considering that out of actions I carry jeans and grey a three . By the way, preparing the clothes for display, has found out that I possess 40 models to which any capital dandy or the woman of fashion can envy. My things are universal. And by the way, are made from so-called non-polluting (or simply natural) fabrics (basically of a clap and silk) which seldom meet today in collections but which on - former remain the best materials for clothes manufacturing...

- besides author`s fabrics in a collection import materials were used?
- Usually I work with the domestic fabrics painted manually. But for drawing up of the personal clothes I used also the Chinese, English and Italian fabrics. If you have noticed such rozovato - the orange suit is my last summer masterpiece from the tinted English fabric, in it I have travelled all over all Europe. And there me often asked, where I bought it, that material. Among my favourite complete sets - a suit Friendship of the people (it is named in honour of a known fountain at the Exhibition of achievements): it is made of a German clap. By the way, if to speak about strangers fabrics more often I use cheerful portieres for children or materials for children`s linen with indispensable cubes, dolls, nested dolls, giraffes and slonikami. It is pleasant to me.

- the children`s fashion for the adult person, and is more true for the person, doing not wish to mature?
- Certainly, in the modern world to become easier quickly the adult. But as to a club fashion (and personally I always was the propagandist of a so-called celebratory dress) to be appreciable, it is not necessary to follow the standard tendencies. Otherwise, when the fashion will depart, risk to appear forgotten. With the acid things today I have hit the nail, but also tomorrow I all the same am not going to change. How much in it I are shown infantilism or childishness, to speak to another. But I consider that at life there should be a holiday. And I am right. Look, now among youth a large quantity of various currents and directions, at the same time and corresponding clothes. And together this huge stream of every possible scooters, rejverov, surfers (sportswear influence is nowadays especially great) looks pleasantly enough. It seems to me, we in general in the relation in clothes became closer now to Europeans. Therefore all our favourite characters of society columns are dressed the same as the average person living in Berlin or Paris.
as to my last collection, it, certainly, attempt to arrange anti - show which, by the way, I most of all love. And I have understood recently it in France where represented the Swan lake on work - shop George Pompidou`s Center. I love antistylishness and antistrukturnost and I want to destroy representation about city clothes and about myself as about the good and capable boy . From the point of view of a plasticity in my collection is not present either the general thought, or the general line. It is so-called fashionable chaos, and a supermarket - the centre of its concentration which have become today by a distinctive feature of our life. I would like to prove to be in life, truth, on a podium my things have been ironed out - in life I almost do not do it.

- and whether it is possible to speak about Bartenev`s commercial success?
- Looking that by it to mean. If speech about my mad performances is money does not bring, even if I one million times will show the collections on Bolshoi theatre platforms, in George Pompidou`s Center and in any other place. If to speak about the schedule and clothes models on it it is quite possible to earn. All depends on appetite and possibilities of the customer (sometimes the author`s dress manages it from $600 to 1000). I have regular customers (in Russia and England). We will consider that my suits and all my favourite slogans written out on a fabric (for example, the sun not - not the moon ) For them is possibility to change attitude. By the way, my new slogan - 2001 . Not because I show a fashion for this time that is why that today I feel myself as the person from 2001 and I hasten to tell about this all.