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Dry have disbanded

Michael Simonov left court Dry

the Second Dry the arbitration court of Moscow under claim OKB it is recognised artificial
Yesterday. Dry recognised as void registration of the state unitary enterprise Aviation military - an industrial complex (AVPK) ` Dry ` . However a point in prolonged conflict OKB to the structure with the same name to put early. AVPK intend to appeal on a judgement.

on August, 26th, 1996 Boris Yeltsin the decree has enjoined to create the state unitary enterprise AVPK Dry as a part of Irkutsk aviation production association, state aviation - production associations in Komsomolske - on the Cupid (KnAPO) and Novosibirsk (NAPO). In ustavnyj fund AVPK were the state block of shares of actions OKB Dry and of some other enterprises is brought also.
the Most safe enterprises of a complex Dry (in particular, Komsomol - on - the Cupid aviation production association) extremely were indignant with such decision. Long discussion with attraction of judicial bodies and wide PR - campaign in a press was fastened. The bowl of scales in this dispute was periodically declined that in one, in other party. We will tell, in April KnAPO has refused to enter in AVPK, and the Supreme Arbitration Court has suspended its membership in a complex.
general designer OKB of Dry Michael Simonov in February 1997 has achieved an exit of the order of Yeltsin about additional study of questions creations of a unitary aviacomplex. And in May OKB together with KnAPO has submitted the claim to the Moscow registration chamber about a recognition of illegal registration AVPK Dry because of the essential infringements admitted at creation of a complex. In particular, the newly made company, according to OKB, has illegally appropriated a trade mark Dry . Besides, other infringements of the Civil code of the Russian Federation have been admitted also: 50 % of actions OKB it. Dry at entering in ustavnyj complex fund have been estimated in 9 million roubles. As has informed RIA News the lawyer of design office Evgenie Tarlo, real cost of these actions makes tens, if not hundred millions US dollars .
Yesterday the arbitration court of Moscow has considered the claim. Respondents in the justification have shown to court the decree of the president from August, 26th of last year, and also the closed decision of the Supreme Arbitration Court (the unknown maintenance). However their arguments have been rejected by judges: in open litigation it is impossible to use classified documents. As a result the court recognised as void registration AVPK Dry .
As have informed the correspondent the Businessman - Daily In AVPK, the complex intends to appeal in the near future on the arbitration court decision. The occasion - a present judgement runs counter to the decree of the president and the corresponding governmental order about establishment AVPK Dry which anybody yet did not cancel. The representative of a complex also has let know: it is not excluded that in the near future AVPK the claim to Open Company " will bring an action; the Register - to registry holder OKB it. Dry. the register has refused to transfer in AVPK a state block of shares of actions OKB, again - taki in a counterbalance of the decree of the president .
the Point in the conflict to put early. - Daily will watch succession of events.