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The Ministry of Finance has decided to pay for gold

the Government has reacted to the ultimatum staratelej
  the Ministry of Finance has decided to pay for gold

the Government has reacted to the ultimatum staratelej

Also has decided to pay it
On Wednesday evening the first vitse - prime minister Anatoly Chubays has promised to head Gohrana Herman Kuznetsovu to allocate money for gold miners. Thus the government has reacted to the ultimatum: two weeks ago starateli have demanded return of debts and clearness with financing on the future. Money will be received from gold sale abroad.

state Debts before zolotopromyshlennikami for handed over in 1996 - gold are estimated 97 years in 2,5 trln roubles. The sum considerable and to pay off with starateljami promise not for the first time. However in Gohrane to us have let know that this time money nevertheless will be. However, it is not known, whether these means for a covering of all debts will suffice.
as under our data, anybody and did not allocate this time any means. Gohran has independently found money. It is a question of sale of a part of a precious metal abroad (most likely it will be not only gold, but also platinum). And Anatoly Chubays only guaranteed that money from realisation will go on payments of debts zolotopromyshlennikam and anywhere more. In this case the first payments are possible in the near future, maybe, even in the end of this week.
anyhow, but staratelsky the ultimatum has taken effect. And it is unexpected enough, after all having exposed requirements, gold miners have not specified, what will be their actions in default the governments. They spoke only about landslide falling of extraction of metal.
however it is known that zolotopromyshlenniki find the buyers, ready it is good to pay, including abroad. Metal is forwarded to Turkey, China and other countries by an illegal way. Besides, some enterprises send gold on foreign affinazhnye factories and there is no guarantee that it will return completely.
it is visible, these facts, no less than constant pressure from the gold mining enterprises, and have pushed the government to concrete decisions.
with financing of gold mining of next year a situation more certain. Herman Kuznetsov has declared that the state is ready to redeem next year only half of metal which is planned to extract. For it it will be allocated 7,8 trln roubles. The part of this sum will go on payment of platinum, secondary and passing metal.
as a result, there will be a sum which will suffice on payment 50 - 60 tons of gold. And this with the fact that according to plan should be extracted not less than 100 tons. However definiteness should suit staratelej nevertheless more than with nothing the supported promises. Besides, Gohran has offered the comprehensible price - the London fixing.
There is not cleared one important point. At whom exactly the state will get these of 60 tons. In number representatives many artels and the enterprises will want to get. They are easy for understanding, after all the second legal way is a sale of gold to commercial banks which buy gold on 4 - 7 % more cheaply the London fixing. Thus the main buyer - Bank of Russia has no right to get gold directly at staratelej.
So, Gohranu it is necessary to stop on the list approximately from 20 enterprises and artels. The choice will be made in favour of those who does not demand advancing of extraction and has no debts before the state. It is natural that it will be the largest enterprises and the most reliable artels. Starateli already name them court . To commercial banks will get as partners, in expression of one banker, a trifle which it is necessary to chase on tundra and Siberia .