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Israel bombs Lebanon

the Israeli fighters warn extremists
  Israel bombs Lebanon

the Israeli fighters warn extremists

Yesterday Israel has put precautionary blow on objects of Islamic extremists in Lebanon. It, as well as vtornichnyj an artillery attack Hezbollah on the Israeli settlements Kirijat Shmone, Naharija and Dzhalil, can become serious threat to the agreement between Israel, Lebanon and Syria, to the prisoner in April of last year. Under this agreement, the parties refused bombardments and bombardments of settlements.

Fighters have fired at base of the Proiranian extremist organisation Hezbollah the group of the Islamic insurgents which have taken place near to positions of the Lebanese army in the south, and power station on suburb of the city of Sajda.
it is informed that four persons have suffered.
the touch of the Israeli fighters is carried out according to the traditional scheme: Islamic insurgents the first strike blow to civil objects in territory of Israel - in reply to it fighters fire at objects in Lebanon.
Islamites have put last such blow on Tuesday morning on the Israeli settlements in the north - Kirijat the Frisk, Naharija and Dzhalil. A little peace citizens have got serious wounds. In reply to attack of Islamites the Israeli Air Forces have fired at the specified objects in Lebanon.
bombardment by grouping Hezbollah Settlements in the north of Israel, probably, marks itself refusal of this organisation of the agreement between Israel, Lebanon and Syria, with great difficulty reached in April, 1996. France and Russia (yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia " became guarantors of its observance then the USA; has expressed concern in a new coil of an aggravation of a situation also has called all involved parties to show restraint ) .
On conditions of this agreement as a whole observed till past Tuesday, settlements in Israel and Lebanon under no circumstances should not become objects of artillery bombardments and rocket attacks.
It was supposed that in case of an aggravation of military conditions of the party (the Israeli army and groupings of Islamites in Lebanon) will limit range of flight artilleristskih shells and rockets accordingly to a safety zone and bases of Islamic insurgents in the south of Lebanon. And the government and army command of Lebanon were obliged to keep in every possible way insurgents Hezbollah and other extremist formations from attacks of settlements in Israel.
one of such attacks from territory of Lebanon on the Israeli settlement Kirijat Shmone has occurred last week. Hezbollah however, has not incurred responsibility for it. As has done without victims the Israeli party did not begin to strike back. Has loudly condemned that incident, to general surprise, the government of Lebanon, having shown thereby the readiness and further to observe reached in April of last year the agreement.
bombardment of the Israeli settlements on Tuesday could not remain without the answer. Touches of the Israeli fighters on the chosen objects (near to positions of the Lebanese army and in suburb Sajdy) should, by estimations of observers serve the precautionary message for the government and armed forces of Lebanon. The sense of the message is read unequivocally - Islamic extremists should be under control.