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The hockey boss

In business about murder of the Horned owl is arrested there was a suspect
  the hockey boss

In business about murder of the Horned owl there was a suspect

On the case of murder of the president of Federation of hockey of Russia (FHR) Valentina Sycha is detained the known hockey functionary, the former president of International hockey league, zavkafedroj academies of physical training Robert Cherenkov. Charge is not shown it yet. Meanwhile the State Office of Public Prosecutor has already prolonged term of its holding in custody about ten days.

Vodka money has rescued hockey
Valentine Sych has been killed on April, 22nd this year. On departure from village Ivantsevo of its Volvo situated near Moscow - 940 have shot from the automatic machine with the muffler. The horned owl, his wife and the driver have received on some wounds. In some minutes president FHR has died. In spite of the fact that all regional militia was engaged in search of the murderer hardly probable not, to detain him it was not possible.
News about  destruction of the Horned owl poverglo employees of federation of hockey in shock. Unanimously they asserted that despite a considerable quantity of ill-wishers, the present enemies at the Horned owl was not. Though even appointment of the Horned owl to a post in FHR has occurred under enough scandalous circumstances.
from the very beginning inspectors have decided that this murder can be connected with the external economic privileges of federation which long time imported alcohol and cigarettes. Only in 1995 FHR has imported into the country under preferential contracts 15,2 of million litres of vodka for the sum more than $13 million
In favour of this version said also that some tens businessmen and leaders of public associations, which lately have been killed, as well as Valentine Sych, disposed and used customs privileges. However, while this version has not found acknowledgement. Moreover, according to in FHR, all money earned on privileges is spent for a long time: with their help the Russian hockey also left long financial crisis.
simultaneously operatively - the investigation team (employees of General and Offices of Public Prosecutor Situated near Moscow, and also field investigators of criminal investigation department have entered into her) develops also other motives of murder of the Horned owl. The majority of them are connected with conflicts between hockey functionaries. And them was much.
So, for example, in 1993 by president FHR known hockey player Vladimir Petrov has been selected. It has appointed the former partner in Boris Mihajlova`s CSKA the head coach of Russian national team. In the World championship of 1994 to Italy the national team has not got to number of prize-winners. Right after it at the initiative of the Horned owl extreme conference of members FHR on which Petrov have dismissed has been collected. The Vacant place was occupied with the Horned owl. Petrov has challenged the resignation in court and has won process. But after a while it is unexpected for all has delegated the responsibility to the Horned owl, having explained it “ change of a situation in sports circles “. But detectives have not become interested in Petrov. Other former hockey functionary - Robert Cherenkov became object of their steadfast attention.

interrogation has ended with arrest

Robert Cherenkov was born in Moscow 1937. In hockey has started to play since 14 years. Supported a command of masters Moscow “ the Dynamo “. Career of the player has finished in 1958 Then trained Saratov “ the Crystal “ “ Izhstal “ and Moscow “ Spartak “. In 1992 of Shanks has been selected by the president of International hockey league (MHL), uniting 28 clubs from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and vice-president FHR.

With it, as well as with Petrov, the Horned owl had tense enough relations. In 1995 the Horned owl and its colleagues have achieved liquidation MHL. On its place the Russian hockey league (RHL) has soon been created. In its management to Cherenkovu of a place was not. As hockey functionaries, " explain; to the Russian clubs has bothered to play with obviously weak teams of the CIS and to spend for flights enormous means “. However Shanks asserted that will find money for the maintenance of the league. Confirming to it it showed the report on intentions between MHL and the Union of industrialists of Germany. On it clubs should receive $3,5 million a year. Besides, at that time Shanks created economic coordination council of league which would lobby interests of commercial structures working with hockey clubs.
having released an armchair of president MHL, Shanks has lost not only a place in the hockey nomenclature, but also the right to dispose of the huge sums of money which span round league. Some time he continued to struggle for league - convoked a press - conferences (on them he asserted that only thanking MHL hockey in the former republics of Soviet Union has been kept) and pestered the highest offices. It is said that it even has reached Boris Yeltsin who has ostensibly promised to it to help. But the destiny of Cherenkova has been already solved. After a while the deserved trainer of RSFSR and the candidate of pedagogical sciences of Shanks has got a job in the Moscow state academy of physical training where became managing hockey chair.
After death of the Horned owl of Shanks did not begin to apply for a post of president FHR (though the information on it has been published in many mass-media). At the same time it has supported one of candidates - directors of the Moscow stadium of Young pioneers Michael Bezrukov. On elections Bezrukov has received only 6 voices. The overwhelming majority of participants of conference FHL have voted to chairman HK “ the Dynamo “ (Moscow) to Alexander Steblinu. After that Shanks has again faded into the background.
meanwhile investigation of murder of the Horned owl proceeded. In the summer the State Office of Public Prosecutor began to interrogate intensively all who worked recently with the Horned owl. Basically inspectors interested, to whom murder of president FHR was favourable. It is interesting that similar interrogations were conducted already on the second circle.
on August, 10th inspectors have caused on Robert Cherenkova`s interrogation. About what there was a speech, it is not known, but home it that day has not returned. In the beginning him have detained on three days, and then have prolonged term of holding in custody about ten days. From sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs it became known that its detention directly is connected with murder of the Horned owl. But to explain, what role he has played in this crime, in the Ministry of Internal Affairs did not become. President FHR Alexander Steblin and other hockey functionaries have flatly refused to make comments on detention of Cherenkova. Steblin, in particular, has told: “ It to me not the friend, and I about it will not tell “.
After the correspondent “ the Businessman - Daily “ has returned from FHR, in edition the employee of the State Office of Public Prosecutor George Chuglazov has unexpectedly called. First of all it has taken an interest, whence there was an information leakage on the case of murder of the Horned owl, and has then warned: “ the Publication on this theme is premature and threatens the correspondent with the big troubles “.