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To murderers of the deputy minister

Deputy ministers of internal affairs have killed a sentence from - for the son-in-law
  the Sentence to murderers of the deputy minister

Deputy ministers of internal affairs have killed from - for the son-in-law

In Izhevsk process over the gang which has killed the deputy minister of internal affairs of Udmurtiya of Nikolay Perevoshchikova and his family has come to the end. Three gangsters are sentenced to execution, 14 more - to various terms of imprisonment. On a dock there was also son-in-law Perevoshchikova - Boris Kurdyumov.

the Tragedy has occurred on October, 8th, 1994, this day the family of the deputy minister has celebrated birthday of the younger son who has arrived to holiday from army. The feast has come to the end at late night then all have gone to bed.
when in rooms light has gone out, unknown persons have beaten out an entrance door and have rushed into apartment. At first they have passed in a room of the deputy minister and his wife and have shot them from the automatic machine. Then killers have finished with elder son Perevoshchikova and have wounded in a shoulder his wife. It was rescued by that it, having endured a pain, has not cried. After that gangsters have come into a room of son-in-law Perevoshchikova Boris Kurdyumov and have opened fire there. As Kurdyumov`s wife slept more close to a door, the most part of bullets has got to it. Kurdyumov has had time to roll down from a bed and has not suffered. And bullets have not got to its one-year-old son who slept between parents.
the younger son of the deputy minister has hidden under a table in a hall, and the murderers who were not turning on the light, have not noticed it.
as soon as in Moscow it became known about an event, for Izhevsk has taken off operatively - an investigation team which structure included the most skilled employees GUOP and GUUR the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. At survey of a scene militiamen have found 20 streljanyh sleeves from a pistol of Makarova and Kalashnikov`s automatic machine and the whole automatic cartridge. The print of a boot has been removed from the beaten out door 45 - go the size.
it is interesting that anybody in the house of shooting did not hear. Only one of neigbours of Perevoshchikovyh has paid attention to the strange sounds similar as she has told, on blows by a metal pipe on the battery.
the escaped members of a family of the deputy minister of anything defined could not tell about the attacking. Only the younger son has noticed that one of them of gangsters was high, and another, on the contrary, small growth.
next day after murder militiamen had operative data that the survived Boris Kurdyumov can be involved in tragedy. Him for a long time already suspected in connection with one of large criminal groupings. Son-in-law Perevoshchikova have detained for 30 days, and at its acquaintances have spent searches. Some pistols of Makarova have been found in one of apartments with mufflers, and also the automatic rifle supplied with the muffler and an optical sight. According to owners of apartment, the weapon it has left Borja .
Kurdyumov on the first interrogation has declared that is not privy to murder of relatives but which - that really knows about this crime. As he said, the Izhevsk gangster Dmitry Peshkov can be involved in execution (ZHabenok). ZHabenka at once have detained. Examination has shown that a trace on a door of the deputy minister - from its boot. This Zhabenok answered that has really beaten out a door, but into apartment ostensibly did not come, and murderers were certain Dmitry Malyshev and Alexander Grishaev. After a while they too have been detained.
it has been during the investigation established that in the beginning of 1994 Malyshev and Kurdyumov under home nursing Izhevsk criminal authorities Have organised a gang which became obkladyvat a tribute local commercial structures. Those who refused to pay, killed. For example, Malyshev some time worked as the chief of security service of firm the Transfer and when it therefrom have dismissed, has shot the president of firm. Besides, the gang has taken part in a number dismantlings which have come to the end with murders.
according to the investigation, all on the account of a gang of 26 victims, including Izhevsk criminal authority Gorokhov whom have killed in Moscow.
according to militia, till October, 1994 Kurdyumov has personally made three murders and has ordered two more which have been executed. And in the beginning of October it has ordered to one of members of a gang liquidation of three heads of the Izhevsk commercial structures. The killer should kill them free of charge, on account of repayment of the debt to Kurdyumov. To execute the order the gangster has not dared and has told about it Malyshevu. That, in turn, has contacted Izhevsk Authorities and thieves in the law which have declared that the people specified by Kurdyumov, it is not necessary to touch. Then Malyshev has collected a meeting where has told that, under its data, Boris Kurdyumov has started to work on the left . For it the son-in-law of the deputy minister also have decided to kill.
to inspectors Malyshev has told: At once after a meeting we have gone to a sauna to which there should arrive Kurdyumov. But there it have not waited. Then I and some more person have gone to the house of the deputy minister where there lived Boris. To kill the deputy minister we did not gather. And did not expect to find its house as all family usually spent days off on a summer residence. However circumstances have developed differently, and we have been compelled to clean all of them. Witnesses were not necessary to us .
in the Autumn of 1995 the investigatory brigade of the State Office of Public Prosecutor has finished a legal investigation. By this time 17 persons involved in execution in apartment of the deputy minister and activity of a gang of Kurdyumov and Malysheva have been detained. In November business which totaled 250 volumes, was accepted to manufacture by the Supreme court of the Udmurt republic. The day before yesterday process has come to the end. Malyshev, Grishaev and Peshkov are sentenced to execution. Kurdyumov has received 13 years of imprisonment. The others are sentenced to various imprisonment terms - from 5 till 15 years.