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Rally Paris — Moscow

Moscow has moved road Dakar
  Rally Paris - Moscow

Moscow has moved road Dakar

In capital of France today starts the international rally Paris - Moscow - the most difficult and prestigious stage of a World Cup on automotorcycle sport. Finish the Master - rally - so this race is called - is dated to 850 - letiju Moscow: it will take place on September, 6th near the Kremlin.

Conveniences - behind a tractor
Last summer the International federation of motor racing has excluded from World Cup offset the well-known rally Paris - Dakar. After that the most popular race going to offset of a World Cup, became the Master - rally which this year starts in the third time. In 1995 these rallies have passed on a route Paris - Moscow - Beijing, in 1996 - m - Paris - Ulyanovsk - the Uhlan - Bator, and in 1997 - m from capital of France racers under the own steam will reach to the Italian city of Venice then by cargo planes will fly in Turkmenbashi - such name is carried now by the new capital of Turkmenia which were the simple city of Krasnovodsk. Therefrom rallisty will pass through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan and finish in capital of Russia. In total land stages of rally will make 11 572 km - more than at any stage of a World Cup. From them over 5000 km it is necessary on spetsuchastki - difficult for driving pieces of a distance which besides should be passed for strictly certain time - neither minute more, nor it is less minute. It is especially difficult if to consider that preliminary investigation of a line on the Master - rally it is forbidden.
the line is difficult: participants the Master - rally will rise in mountains, will pass on deserts and bogs. The only stipulation - on all these bogs should be laid though any track. To move down from it more than one wheel it will not be authorised to anybody for ecology reasons, from infringers will remove prize-winning points or to write down penal seconds, and especially malicious - to remove from a distance. Requirements to ecology on a line Paris - Moscow, by the way, very rigid: everything is provided, probably, beginning from the special truck for recycling of garbage and finishing a tractor transporting mobile toilets.

Paris - Moscow - all the same that Paris - Dakar
These two races are really very similar. They are off-road cars, that is to the navigator give a card and send to observe ecology in desert Sahara or Gobi. The same commands. The same main characters. To Moscow there will go Frenchman Pierre Lartig, the owner of last four cups of the world and the triple winner Dakar . There will be Ari Vatanen, the world champion on the classical rally, won the Master - rally last year. Certainly, the Russian driver " starts; KamAZa Victor Moskovsky who in the class won and Masters and Dakar and at separate stages even managed to be in the lead in the general offset, advancing by the truck jeeps.
classes of cars Repeat also: to rally there will go 33 motorcycles, 24 jeeps (in them there will be 45 persons) and 8 racing trucks (23 persons). The general number of vehicles on rally, including service cars, will make 89, racers will be 162. However with them there will go out of offset still from above 500 persons, wished to pass an automarathon line. It is comparable with Dakar where usually go 600 - 700 participants on 300 - 400 cars and motorcycles. On danger Dakar perhaps, advances Masters - the most terrible became 80 - e years when on the average for one trip from capital of France in capital of Senegal gibli two persons that, in general, became one of the reasons on which this race has been excluded from a World Cup. But also during time the Master - rally there were emergencies. The most unpleasant has occurred last year - the Mongolian motorcyclist nearby to the Uhlan - Batora has taken off from a saddle, has broken a backbone and has lost possibility independently to move.
separate conversation on commands which were declared on the Master - rally . At least for two of them the situation has developed so that this race defines their further plans for some years forward. The French firm Citroen assuming recession of sales of the cars in 1997 - 98 years, considers it as the large advertising action and even has organised in frameworks the Master - rally own show under the name Spot-check ` Sitroen Berlingo ` . Its essence that during half a year across all Europe 300 persons who will go from Paris to Moscow on 140 cars " were selected; Berlingo a multispace firm manufactures Citroen . This action now is widely advertised Citroen across all Europe.
other purpose at a command Mitsubishi - properly obkatat the sports jeeps of classification T - 2 which they use more recently. The matter is that next year much more powerful and expensive prototypes of classification T will be deduced from World Cup offset - 3 to give chances to commands which for the financial reasons could not use them. Rich Mitsubishi just went on T - 3, and has now finished the dvushki so that threatens to beat on the Master - rally Citroen which does not think yet to pass on T - 2.
From the Russian cars the greatest chances of success have KamAZy for a long time and successfully acting on rally - spot-checks. Will be also MAZy UAZ (model 31512) and Frets . Russian teams thoroughly prepared: representatives Frets for example, consider that present rally is a competition not only sports, but also economic and consequently very long and scrupulously selected in crews of pilots and navigators, and also mechanics.

the Great silk way conducts on the cosmodrome
As a whole, possibility to beat competitive firm in the conditions approached to real, and survivability of all autorallies speaks. Mitsubishi Citroen the Harmony and other commands with pleasure pay starting payments for the right to show speed and endurance of the cars, which, unlike race cars Formulas - 1 at least are outwardly very similar on what any ordinary citizen can get. From starting payments of commands and racers - fans on two third the budget " also is cut out; the Master - rally - 97 organizers have received $6 million $2 million making in total from the mass media accredited on rally. Advertising on the Master - rally is not present is a noncommercial race.
the Tax of rally Paris - Moscow as it has appeared, can is not worse, than dakarovskoe. Teletranslations are organised, the impressive press - for example, on one only Moscow a press - the conference devoted to start " is collected; the Master - rally 47 printing editions and three broadcasting companies - ORT, RTR and NTV were accredited. By the way, the line is laid in known places in the world: participants of rally at first will pass on a route of the Great silk way, and then will make a halt near to the cosmodrome Baikonur. There is no need to prove that date and a finish place the Master - rally are chosen not casually.