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Kirovo - the Chepetsk chemical industrial complex will wait the owner to meeting of shareholders

Kirovo - the Chepetsk chemical industrial complex will wait the owner to meeting of shareholders

the Curious ending was received by history with property repartition on Kirovo - Chepetsk chemical industrial complex about which has told yesterday. The extraordinary meeting of shareholders, as well as has been conceived to its initiators FPG “ Interhimpromom “ has taken place, but its results are absolutely unexpected: all questions included in the agenda, it decided to consider after summarising on sale at auction of 38 % of actions of industrial complex. On information, such development of a situation became possible thanks to active intervention in a course of events of the representative of the state - vice-president GKI Victor Pylneva. In more details about it will write in one of the nearest numbers.

the Power commission of the Irkutsk region has reduced the prices for the electric power
Regional court of the Irkutsk region has satisfied the claim of group of local deputies - industrialists and recognised entered this spring in force the regional law on rent payments in electric power industry contradicting a number of positions of the Water code and the law “ About bases of tax system of the Russian Federation “. According to court, rent payments as a matter of fact are the tax, and to establish them federal authorities have the right only. Now rent payments are excluded from regional tariffs for the electric power. The regional power commission with support of committee of the prices of regional administration has lowered tariffs for 8,8 %, i.e. on the average to 90 rbl. for everyone kvt·ch for the industrial enterprises. Till the end of the year the regional budget will lose on it 168 mlrd rbl.

the Bank of Russia will reorganise a settlement network
In the near future Bank of Russia intends to start reorganisation of the settlement network. On a Central Bank plan, reorganisation will allow to achieve reduction of terms of carrying out of payments, reduction of system risks at calculations and will give to the credit organisations possibility of management of liquidity during the day.
According to the concept, the settlement network of Bank of Russia, adequate to modern requirements, will consist of the Federal financial settlements centre, head RKTS, subjects of federation being in the centres, and is operational - the cash centres in other cities. Process of optimisation of an operating settlement network of Bank of Russia is planned for conducting stage by stage. As of July, 1st, 1997 into a settlement network of Bank of Russia enter 76 head, 2 central and 1260 private soldiers it is settlement - the cash centres, and also the OPERA - 1, the OPERA - 2 and TSOU at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. In a settlement network of the Central Bank 1977 credit organisations and 4780 branches of the credit organisations, and also 121,6 thousand not credit organisations are served.
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To a group of companies “ Maxim “ it was added Kursk “ Nipromteks “
Three firms from structure of a group of companies “ Maxim “ have established control over one of the largest enterprises of Kursk area - Open Society “ Nipromteks “. “ Nipromteks “ makes various materials for a road covering and, in particular, delivers the production on joint-stock company “ Kurskrezinotehnika “ supplying the Russian car factories rubber accessories. As has informed “ to the Businessman - Daily “ the vice-president “ Maxim “ Valery Enjukov, the group intends to spend sanitation of the manufacture which are in a crisis state, and to debug sale system.
till now interests of group “ Maxim “ extended basically on shinnuju the industry: this summer the group has created FPG “ neftehimprom “ in which have entered supervised by it Novomoskovsk “ Orgsintez “ Tolyatti “ Sintezkauchuk “ and Novokuybyshevsk “ neftehimkombinat “. Acquisition “ Nipromteksa “ testifies that “ Maxim “ intend to master new Russian regions and new sectors of the market. “ to the businessman - Daily “ also it became known that representatives of group carry on negotiations with a management of some the Tula, Kursk and Voronezh enterprises and the regional authorities about stabilisation by forces “ neftehimproma “ positions of the factories which are in a crisis state. About which factories there is a speech, a group management “ Maxim “ yet does not inform, but it is possible to assume that their number includes the petrochemical enterprises - accessory manufacturers: Voronezh and efremovsky factories “ Sintezkauchuk “ Joint-Stock Company “ Kurskrezinotehnika “ and “ Kursk joint-stock company ` the Man-made fiber ` “ letting out kapron kordnye fabrics for shinnoj the industries.

Technics Caterpillar will collect in Ural Mountains
the Ural factory of heavy mechanical engineering (“ an Uralmash “) And the American firm Caterpillar have started realisation of the joint program on manufacture heavy dorozhno - the building technics. Work on the organisation of co-production of such technics has begun in 1995. And now “ an Uralmash “ it is ready to that on the floor spaces to collect truboukladchik firms Caterpillar load-carrying capacity 104 t and bulldozer D9R. For this purpose at factory the special site is allocated, the additional equipment is made. At the first stage “ an Uralmash “ will make at itself rather limited number of knots for the American technics. Further, according to the general director “ an Uralmash “ Victor Korovin, the share of the equipment of local manufacture will increase at the expense of development of other large knots.
according to Korovin, the price on “ Katerpillary “ the Ural assemblage will be on 10 - 15 % more low in comparison with imported technics. Capacities “ an Uralmash “ Allow to let out now on 30 - 40 cars in year, however volume of output will depend on demand in home market. Potential buyers of this technics are “ Gazprom “ “ Transneft “ the large building organisations and the oil companies. Company Caterpillar plans to open the representation which will be engaged in sale made on " in Ekaterinburg; an Uralmash “ production.
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Honda Problems
Japanese corporation of Honda Motor Co. Has informed on intention to withdraw 65 thousand cars from - for found out malfunctions in brake system. The revealed defect can lead to leak of a brake liquid. The cars sold in Japan since September of last year will respond only.

the Conflict between British Petroleum and Greenpeace
In the beginning of August active workers Greenpeace for a week occupied the sea oil platform of company British Petroleum located to the north from Scotland. Oil industry workers have been compelled to stop drilling temporarily. On August, 18th lawyers BP have addressed in court of Edinburgh with the claim to Greenpeace, accusing “ green “ in an economic damage. The company intended to achieve from Greenpeace indemnification at a rate of 1,4 million pounds sterling ($2,2 million) for damage of the equipment of an oil derrick. In essence, the concern wanted to ruin the ecological organisation which capital does not exceed $300 thousand
Having learnt about the claim, active workers Greenpeace in 70 countries have threatened to begin campaign of boycott of gasoline stations BP and oil products with concern mark. Something similar already was in 1995 when Greenpeace successfully boycotted products of other oil corporation - Shell, and some gaz stations of the company have been blown up. Without wishing the further development of confrontation, representatives BP have offered on August, 20th Greenpeace the world. The claim against Greenpeace will be withdrawn, lawyers BP if the management of the ecological organisation refuses actions against concern in the future have declared. Greenpeace nevertheless it is not inclined to make a compromise. The representative London a staff - organisation apartments has declared: “ British Petroleum, on - visible, wish to go on negotiations, but to agree with concern to us there is nothing “.
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