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The Russian financial markets

the Government opens the plans
  the Russian financial markets

the Government opens the plans

the Government of the Russian Federation was defined with plans of issue of state papers for 1998. As has reported the Prime - TASS profitableness under state credit obligations within a year will decrease c 14 to 11 % annual. Not less than 80 % of the general issue of papers it will be presented by six-monthly and annual state credit obligations and only 20 % will make papers with terms of repayment about three months.
the total amount of attraction at the expense of issue of state credit obligations in 1998 will make 335,2 mlrd rbl. 294,5 mlrd roubles will go on repayment of the basic amount of debt.
the Greatest volume of loans - 47,8 mlrd roubles - is necessary on the bond of federal loans with the variable coupon. Almost all issue will consist of papers with terms of repayment two years and more. Bonds with the constant coupon income for terms till 10 years will be issued Also. The total amount of their issue will make 23 mlrd rbl.
Besides, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation plans release of bonds of savings loans with various conditions of the reference to satisfy various interests of small investors.
on the securities market yesterday has passed easy. The volume of transactions was insignificant. Constant inflow of money is noted small, but from non-residents. On Thursday of the quotation blue chips have grown on the average on 1 - 2 % in comparison with quotations on the end of day on August, 20th. It is connected with active purchase of the most liquid papers (the Russian Open Society action UES of Russia LUKOIL and the Russian Open Society Rostelecom ) The Russian participants of stock market. According to trader Maxim Safonova, it is necessary to expect that Russian money will be put in papers about new year as will provide constant growth of the market. Day on a securities market has passed on August, 21st easy, with a small turn. It is necessary to notice also that all state credit obligations have grown also the maximum profitableness has made 18,91 % (for release 2178).