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the Press - service of the president: Gennady Seleznev is not right

Any more the first time the speaker of the State Duma Gennady Seleznev, making comments on actions of the president of Russia, supposes more than free interpretation of the Constitution and the federal legislation. So has reacted a press - service of the head of the state to Seleznev`s statements at a yesterday`s briefing in which course the chairman of the lower chamber of parliament named appointment of the daughter of Boris Yeltsin Tatyana Dyachenko contradicting the current legislation in particular to the law About bases of civil service of the Russian Federation . As have declared in a press - service of the president, the speaker resorts to similar comments, probably, from giving of the insufficiently legally prepared assistants . As to appointment of the new adviser of the president a press - the service has informed the following. According to the federal law on civil service the citizen really cannot be accepted on public service and be in public service in cases of close relationship or property with the civil servant if their public service is connected with direct subordination or a submission to control of one of them to another. However the given law does not carry the president to civil servants. The listed persons, according to this federal law, replace the state posts of a category And (these posts are established by the Constitution and federal laws). Activity of the persons replacing the state posts of a category And it is not regulated by the federal law that is why restriction for reception on civil service of near relations does not concern the given situation. Besides, according to position about Presidential Administration advisers of the president in number of the persons directly submitting to the president, do not enter.
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Aslan Maskhadov is on friendly terms with Dagestan on the way to Azerbaijan
the President of the Chechen republic Aslan Maskhadov has arrived yesterday to Azerbaijan. As the vice-president of the Chechen Republic of Vakh Arsanov has informed, during a trip Maskhadov will meet the head of the government of the country. According to Arsanova, the trip purpose - to adjust economic relations and to come into friendly contacts in Azerbaijan. The special attention will be given to questions of railway maintenance and a petrocomplex . On the way to Baku Maskhadov has made yesterday a short stop in Makhachkala where has stayed about a half an hour. The president of the Chechen Republic has met the chairman of state council of Republic Dagestan Magomedom Magomedovym. They have discussed problems of mutual relations.
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Heydar Aliyev comes today to Boris Yeltsin
the President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev arrives today to Moscow with official visit. Tomorrow will pass its negotiations with the president of Russia Boris Yeltsin. As have informed yesterday in embassy of Azerbaijan in Moscow, at negotiations by the core there will be a question on Friendship treaty updating, cooperation and the mutual safety, signed in 1992, but and not ratified. Besides, the questions connected with settlement of the Karabakh conflict, by a role of Russia in Transcaucasia (including a question on deliveries of the Russian weapon), and also problems of Caspian sea will be considered.
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Tiraspol has declared the rights to ammunition 14 - j armies
Dnestr region is ready to share responsibility for lot of ammunition former 14 - j armies, the head military - an industrial complex of republic Vyacheslav Sapronov has declared yesterday. As he said, the Dnestr management considers that has all rights to participation in realisation of this ammunition. Sapronov considers that it will allow Dnestr region to pay off partially debts for the Russian energy carriers.
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Tchernomyrdin will decide in Berlin what to do with Russia
the Prime minister - the minister of Russia Victor Tchernomyrdin will go tomorrow to Berlin with three-day visit. As have informed in governmental body, at it meetings with the president of Germany Romanom Hertsogom, chancellor Helmut Kohl, the burgomaster of Berlin, premieres - the minister of the earth Brandenburg and the chairman of fraction SDPG in the Bundestag are planned. Tchernomyrdin also will act on a colloquium Russia - what to do? also will visit the Russian house of a science and technics.
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MO suggests military men of 15 years to save for apartment
the Ministry of Defence of Russia has planned a number nonconventional measures under the decision of housing problem of military men, have informed yesterday in a press - ministry service. Among them - the memory housing programme which will allow the military man to get apartment after 15 years of accumulation of means. For control over floor space distribution in the Minister of Defence it is developed and the computer system of the personal account of military men takes root.

the Chechen delegation has returned to Grozny
rather productive named the consultations which have passed in Moscow of the Chechen delegation of the Russian management vitse - the prime minister of the Chechen Republic Ahmed Zakaev. He has underlined that except for some points at issue on a bank complex it was possible to solve customs questions, and also to settle a circle of problems on a petrocomplex; the arrangement concerning signing of the tripartite agreement the Chechen Republic - Russia - Azerbaijan about ways of transportation of oil has been reached. Yesterday before a departure to Grozny the Chechen delegation as a part of the first vitse - premiere CHR Movladi Udugov, vitse - prime minister Ahmed Zakaeva and the president of Southern oil company Hozh - Ahmet Jarihanova has met the ambassador of Croatia in Russia. During conversation the question of adjustment of contacts and cooperation development between the Chechen Republic and Croatia has been discussed, Zakaev has noted.
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Boris Yeltsin has spoken by phone with ministers
Yesterday telephone conversations of the president of Russia with the vice-president of the government, Minister of Internal Affairs Anatoly Kulikovym, the director of Service of external investigation Vyacheslav Trubnikovym, the director of Federal Agency of safety Nikolay Kovalevym, general public prosecutor Yury Skuratov have taken place. During conversations questions of current work of the ministries and departments have been discussed. Boris Yeltsin`s telephone conversation with the head of administration of the city of Novozybkovo of the Bryansk region I.Nesterov Besides, has taken place. The president was interested socially - in an economic situation in a city.
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the Chechen military man will forbid to bear arms on the citizen
it will be strictly forbidden to Military man of the Chechen army to bear arms outside of military units. The chairman of the commission on formation of national guards of the Chechen Republic has informed on it brigade general Magomet Hambiev yesterday. As he said, completely to disarm participants of war without formation constantly field army it is inexpedient, and consequently these processes are spent in parallel.
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