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the Second International competition of a name of Rakhmaninov

the Second International competition of a name of Rakhmaninov

in the Rahmaninovsky hall of the Moscow conservatory Has begun Yesterday competitive listenings of pianists - participants of II International competition of S. V.Rakhmaninov have begun. This year competition from the All-Russia has turned in international, and to unique in the past of its nomination - a piano - one more was added - a vocal. It have declared on preliminary a press - conferences heads of piano and singing jury Victor Merzhanov and Irina Arhipov.
for participation in competition has arrived about 180 musicians from 13 countries of the world. Three rounds of competitions will come to the end on September, 4th. While it is known that thirty two pianists to whom the difficult monographic program from Rakhmaninov`s compositions is necessary participate in piano competition. Their performances will be estimated by the Russian pianists Sergey Dorensky, Vera Gornostaeva, Vladimir Tropp, and also Daniel Pollack (USA), Zhermen Mune (France), Aris Garuofalis (Greece), Vintsent Russo (Italy), Ronald Demunk (Belgium), Jeffrey Norris (Great Britain), Galina Cherny - Stefanska (Poland). Listenings of vocalists will begin later - on August, 25th in the Small hall of conservatory. It seems that present competition has appeared especially attractive to vocalists as for participation in it there have arrived 130 young singers which considerable part - representatives of Russia, Ukraine and South Korea. The jury of vocalists include Ivan Petrov, Yury Mazurok, Bella Rudenko (Russia), Nikolay Ogrenich (Ukraine), Alibek Dnishev (Kazakhstan), Danela del Monaco (Italy), Frants Muller - Hajzer (Germany), Maria Foltyn (Poland). An important role in competition preparation the Rahmaninovsky society of Russia has played, whose undertakings are supported by National reserve bank. On the eve of competition of its participants Boris Yeltsin has congratulated: It is glad that the competition named in honour of the great composer, becomes traditional. This one more certificate to that interest to creativity of the remarkable son of Russia " all over the world is high;.

the festival of a name of Bulata Okudzhavy
Within the limits of celebrating 850 Is founded - letija Moscow in the autumn of this year for the first time will pass the international festival bardovskoj and a poetic song of a name of Damask steel of Okudzhavy many known figures of the Russian culture and art will take part In the festival program: Andrey Voznesensky, Bell Akhmadullina, Dmitry Lihachev, Michael Ulyanov, Nikita Mikhalkov, Mark Zaharov, Sergey Jursky and others. According to the chairman of jury Alexander Gorodnitsky, leading bards of Russia are invited: July Kim, Victor Berkovsky, Veronica Dolina, Sergey Nikitin, and also young authors and executors. Along with the Russian bards at festival visitors from the near abroad, and also Germany, France, Holland and Israel will act. Competition assumes three nominations: among authors of songs, executors and collectives.

the French company sells the American films
One thousand American films, among which Terminator the Graduate Poverty the Dummy the Honeymoon in Vegase City deceivers are exposed on sale. Their owner - the French state holding company Consortium de Realisation (CDR), based in 1995 with bank Credit Lyonnais support. From thousand the films entering into a film library, 39 have collected in due time 79 nominations of the American Academy of motion picture arts. CDR became the owner of these films after has partially redeemed the property rights to some independent studios (among them Hemdale, Cinecom, Fries and 21st Century). It is necessary to notice that CDR not for the first time is engaged in similar operations. For example, last year the company has resold the Hollywood studio Metro - Goldwyn - Mayer Inc. To financier Kirku Kirkorjanu.

the Russian pirates left on new level
Unprecedented blow on the scales by the rights of the Russian authors, executors and the sound recording companies has been put by pirates in August. It is a question about five illegally let out musical CDs - ROM: the Time machine the Aquarium and Stars of the Russian platform. Parts 1 - 3 practically simultaneously appeared in the market. If earlier piracy a compact - disks were only original copies now essentially new multimedia product with much bigger possibilities is offered to the consumer. So, for example, each CD - ROM series Stars of the Russian platform Includes about 120 records sounding more of five hours; the interface allows to look at a cover of each disk, to look at the list of compositions, their timing. The disk is on sale at retail on 40 thousand roubles. In the first CD - ROM Stars two collections have entered: the Surprise (Alla Pugachevoj`s songs performed by the Russian actors) and Between us, girls and also albums Ivanushek International Tatyanas Ovsienko, Anzheliki Varum, Tatyanas Bulanovoj. The second part of a series - man`s - unites disks of such executors, as Phillip Kirkorov, Leonid Agutin, Valery Meladze, Vlad Stashevsky, Igor Nikolays. The third CD - ROM: Irina Allegrova, Alena Apina, Natasha Koroleva, Irina Saltykova, Vick Tsyganov, etc. It is remarkable that legally working companies yet have not let out any similar disk. In legal relations that circumstance is essentially new that piracy CDs - ROM unite on one carrier a top - albums of the various companies. Release Stars of Russian platform Time machines and the Aquarium in CD - ROM - versions anyhow has already infringed on interests of a great number of authors, executors, and also such companies: studios the Union Bekar ZeKo Records, PolyGram, Sintez Records, S. B. A./ GALA Records, General Records, Triary etc.

Marlene Dietrich`s Memorial in Berlin has appeared not desired
Such at first sight natural thought that in Marlene Dietrich`s native city - Berlin - owes a place devoted to memory of the actress, be unexpected has caused cruel disputes in capital of Germany. It appears, many Berliners cannot forgive till now its Marlene treachery - departure to Hollywood. Discussion of this question in city council has accepted scales directly - taki political. The right wing of deputies has suggested to name a name of the actress the started and poor street Tempelgofer Veg located in area Sheneberg (the future movie star was born in Sheneberge). On the contrary, left consider that in Marlene - Dietrich - Platz it is necessary to rename the area of Kaiser Wilhelm. Indignant German film producer Arthur Brown has declared that similar debate dishonours a city. Marlene Dietrich`s big memorial should be will erect in historical city centre, about the Brandenburg gate - he considers. Marlene is worthy not only the street or the area, but also the museum in Berlin - support Brown eks - the president of Germany Rihard a background of Vajtszekker, eks - chancellor Helmut Schmidt, director Milosh Forman and actor Klaus Maria Brandauer.