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the Bank of Russia has shown care of the investor

the Central Bank has finished last variant of an instruction to the investor of bank. The purpose of this document - once again to explain to the investor - to the physical person of its right and, whenever possible, to warn him against unnecessary risks. However most the important point consists that the instruction urged to raise economic literacy of the population. Namely: the investor is offered to carry out the detailed analysis of a financial condition of bank which is reduced to consideration of separate balance articles of bank.
the basic conclusion which the investor following should make for itself: whatever reliable the chosen bank seemed, it is not necessary to trust it all means. It is better to diversify the risks, that is to break available sum of available assets into some parts and to place them in several banks. If the investor in a condition at least superficially to estimate balance of bank or the report on profits and losses it is necessary to demand these documents. At the investor is on this just cause fixed in item 8 of the law About banks and bank activity .
Natalia Kulakova

Banks reduce quotations on plastic cards
the Bridge - the bank has lowered from $2000 to $500 an initial minimum payment on the international cards Visa Classic emitted by bank and Eurocard/ MasterCard Standard. Thus the bank on - former does not demand placing on the card account of the insurance deposit. All cards emitted by bank, have started to accept for gasoline payment on 80 - j the gas station in Moscow.
Elena Bazhenov

the ONEXIMBANK has begun issue of plastic cards
Own card of bank with a magnetic strip will be accepted for payment by all trading - the service enterprises which are served by company United Card Service (UCS), and also in a network of own cash dispenses. Now the card extends among employees of bank and enterprises FPG Interros . Then it is supposed that it will stand out also in bank affiliated companies.
in July the bank will begin issue of international cards VISA and Eurocard/ MasterCard. Will serve issue own protsessingovyj the bank centre.
a prime - TASS

the Federal Commission on Securities has suspended issue of actions of Open Society Telecommunication The Tver region
the Order from June, 25th of Federal Commission on Securities has suspended placing of release ordinary and Open Society preference shares Telecommunication the Tver region. This issue has been registered by management of the finance of administration of the Tver region on June, 3rd, 1997. According to the information received by Federal Commission on Securities from a registry holder of the emitter - Joint-Stock Company the Registrar - communication the registered share issue provides increase in an authorised capital stock of Open Society Telecommunication the Tver region by increase of a face-value before the placed actions. Also placing of actions of two various kinds (ordinary and exclusive) and crushing of actions in the ratio 1:103 was planned within the limits of one release. As marks the Federal Commission on Securities, similar conditions of issue break item 2 and 17 federal laws About a securities market and item 2 of item 74 of the federal law About joint-stock companies .
the Prime - TASS

to Trading system of RTS have prolonged the licence
the Federal commission on a securities market of the Russian Federation has prolonged to noncommercial partnership Trading system of RTS co-ordinating activity of the Russian trading system, action of the licence of the organizer of the auctions for a year - till July, 1st, 1998.

Cards Maestro will start to accept in cash dispenses
the International card companies Europay Int. And MasterCard Int. Are going to sign on July, 2nd the new agreement on the debit union. Under the new agreement, debit cards Maestro will be accepted in all cash dispenses of network Europay and MasterCard. The Trade mark edc (so the European electronic system of payment through terminals in abbreviated form is called) will be gradually forced out and replaced with logo Maestro.
All to reception of cash on card Maestro will be accessible over 325 thousand cash dispenses. Before cards with logo Maestro were accepted only in a network of trading terminals. The credit agreement between Europay and MasterCard, concerning cards Eurocard/ MasterCard, has been updated in the end of the last year.
Elena Bazhenov

Novosibirsk operators struggle with pirates
the Novosibirsk city telephone system (NGTS) has begun long-term campaign for revealing of the organisations illegally using phones. As has informed a press - secretary NGTS of Alexander Morozova, today many enterprises and the organisations lease premises together with phones and take a considerable payment with renting for using telephone system services. By rules of granting of services, tenants are obliged to re-register telephone number on the name for rent of a premise and to become thus subscribers NGTS.
By words Aleksandry Morozovoj, at present such infringers is revealed already nearby 400. All of them have received notices on illegal using phones. All the rest are offered to re-register phones on the name for rent under the reduced rate till August, 1st. In case of infringements NGTS will disconnect numbers.
Tatyana Martyanov

the European Reconstruction and Development Bank will finance manufacture Borzhomi
the European Reconstruction and Development Bank has given out the provided credit at a rate of $10 million company Georgian Glass &Mineral Water Co N V., to the manufacturer of mineral water Borzhomi . It is the first long-term (for 6 years) the industrial credit, which European Reconstruction and Development Bank has given out to private enterprise in Georgia. The credit is intended for equipment modernisation on manufacture of bottles and pouring of mineral water Borzhomi . Besides, the company plans to begin manufacture of 0,7 litre wine bottles and other drinks, and also pouring of other mineral waters. In 1996 the company has let out 25 million bottles of mineral water. It is expected that by 2000 the volume of output will make 100 million bottles.