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Dzhuliana Assanzha recognised the most stylish in the world

Authoritative French magazine Le Figaro Madame has made the list of twenty most stylish men in the world. To huge surprise of fashion designers, Barack Obama, Kolin Fert and Dzhulian Assanzh have got to a three of leaders.
Barack Obama, Kolin Fert and Dzhulian Assanzh - the most stylish men in the world. This three has headed a rating of faultless men in the clothes, made by the French magazine Le Figaro Madame. Thus a top - 20 authors Le Figaro have given to style of each of participants the short characteristic.

the Russian fashion designer Elena Suprun considers that estimations of the French critics were affected by charisma of participants of a rating.

I not to name ready anybody from them stylish men . Perhaps, they have entered into this rating as people which are pleasant as the person, but to name them stylish men I hardly would agree, - Suprun sneers. - Style is a certain concept. Well or expensively dressed man - does not mean the stylish. Stylish, for example, I consider David Bekhema, George Clooney as stylish men, and here three named in any way do not correspond to concept stylish .

Kolin Fert - the unique deserved figurant of a rating, considers the editor of department of a fashion of magazine Shopping Guide Vladimir Gridin.

What is Obama - the politician who is obliged to wear classical clothes. Assanzh puts on in a classical suit to seem between a building of court and own car, and in usual life, in general, does not pay attention to how it looks. The stretched sweater, thus not always fresh jeans, - Gridin has noted. - Fert - unique of these three people, observes balance between necessary artistry and that circumstance that it is necessary it, as to the true British, to wear classical clothes.

designer Tom Ford, billionaire Francois have got To a top - 20 Le Figaro - Anri Pino and the well-known cook Dzhejmi Oliver also.