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Tamerlanu have not lowered degree

Yesterday Arbitration court of the Volgograd region has refused to region administration staff requirement to cancel at Open Company Tamerlan (franchajzi networks Pjaterochka ) the licence for retail of alcoholic production. Claims to Tamerlanu have arisen after company Rosalkogolregulirovaniem check. But observers consider that licence loss could to stimulate the transaction on sale Tamerlana large federal network X5 Retail Group.

the administration Administration of the head has addressed in arbitration court in the end of December of last year ( already wrote about this dispute in 42 from 12. 03. 2011) . The reason of requirements about cancellation of the alcoholic licence of a steel of the claim of Rosalkogolregulirovanija on JUFO. On October, 22nd, 2010 the federal service has brought concerning the company action about administrative infringement which has become the cause for survey of four shops of a network Pjaterochka franchajzi which across the Volgograd region is Open Company Tamerlan . As a result alcoholic production from Open Company " is found out; the Cascade with inappropriate excise mark - wine marks on vodka. In the end of November inter-regional management of Rosalkogolregulirovanija in JUFO has directed to administration of the Volgograd region representation about cancellation at Tamerlana licences. In turn, the regional administration device as licensing body asked about it court, referring on FZ 171 which considers a turn of alcoholic production not marked or with counterfeit marks The basis for the licence termination.

heads of Open Company Tamerlan yesterday were absent in region and could not concretise the position. And according to trade of the device managing department obldaministratsii Galinas Mashentsevoj, the company in the course of trial proved that at the moment of detection of infringements to check up marks had no possibility as access to Uniform state information system (EGAIS), allowing it to make, in Open Company have received why - that only in March, 2011. These circumstances were considered already by court of Krasnooktjabrsky area of Volgograd and as the decision in February of this year recognised Open Company arguments Tamerlan the proved. Therefore on April, 11th the arbitration court has passed the decision on refusal in requirements on licence cancellation as these circumstances already were a subject of consideration of court of law.

In administration of the region yesterday have explained that do not plan to appeal against against the arbitration decision, and the claim has been submitted because of requirements from party Rosalkogolregulirovanija. Galina Mashentseva and the head of department of the consumer market of administration of Volgograd Dmitry Semenenko are not inclined to consider incident a global problem . There was a check, and there are rules which should to all be observed - Dmitry Semenenko has noted. Thus both have confirmed that before at Pjaterochki at other retail networks in region of such judicial disputes did not arise. To Contact representatives of South federal Rosalkogolregulirovanija yesterday it was not possible.

Observers remind that any more the first year federal network X5 Retail Group tries to get Tamerlan which now is its to the largest franchajzi and unites 210 shops in Volgograd and the Samara region. Dmitry Semenenko though does not speak about this version, but notices that Volgograd Pjaterochka - good diskaunter. It involves buyers by and a convenient arrangement. It shop at the house and the requirement for such segment at megacities remains . And participants of the market believe that deprivation Tamerlana the alcoholic licence could lower incomes Tamerlana on 25 - 35 percent that has stimulated sale Pjaterochek .

we Will remind that in 2008 X5 already submitted the petition en face about acquisition Tamerlana and it daughters - the Agroauction - Samara and the Agroauction - Rostov . Across Rostov the transaction has taken place, and across Samara - is not present, as the same year ( wrote about it 21. 06. 2008) Mister Pelagejko has sold Samara a daughter ( the Agroauction - Samara ) And representative 5 (company Lefaro) has shown then to the businessman of the claim on to a conclusion the Samara actives.

in 2010 X5 continued to expand the network, having got 600 shops diskauntera Copeck which will be rebrendirovany in Pjaterochki . The senior analyst IFK Metropol Tatyana Bobrovsky has confirmed that at X5 there is a strategy under the repayment of the franchajzingovyh shops but does not assert that X5 tries to absorb the Volgograd network Pjaterochki . As to cancellation of the alcoholic licence as mechanism of similar transactions the expert has noted that in the market it is not fixed similar practice .

At the same time Tatyana Bobrovsky believes that strategy X5 under the repayment of the franchajzi - a tendency long-term . I Think, there will be yet one attempt to absorb franchajzingovye the companies. If at local diskauntera good actives, at it are chance to keep the positions. But nevertheless possibilities of federal players much more - the analyst considers. The Volgograd expert Dmitry Semenenko positively estimates work local food ritejlerov, but nevertheless does not exclude arrival to region of large players, foreign networks.