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the Improbable situation develops in the Dynamo

On Thursday Miodrag Bozhovich has resigned from a post of the head coach of football club the Dynamo . It has come to a command in April, 2010, having replaced Andrey Kobelev. A sports observer FM Vladimir Osipov is assured that resignation of Bozhovicha has been expected.
the management does not suit how the command plays the championship and yesterday`s defeat Moscow dinamovtsev in ¼ was last drop here in this bowl of patience; the Cup of the country from Rostov - 1:2. And and the most important thing that Bozhevichu have told prior to the beginning of a match: If there will be a negative result in the Cup, here in this match there will be a resignation . And, of course, an improbable situation in the Dynamo develops.

in the beginning of last season mister Kobelev who headed the Dynamo Does a command under itself, the command begins a season with Kobelev, the play of the team does not arrange, Kobelev displace, put Bozhevicha. Bozhevich starts to reconstruct in process again a command, this time already under itself. Naturally, the command plays not very well, there only in the end of a season any gleams of game start to appear.

and now again. Whom again to put? Kobelev? It will be already ridiculous, it will be circus, misters. To achieve sequence in game, it is necessary first of all in management heads, and it is not present in this club absolutely.

inconsistent actions, again the same rake, the season beginning - displace the trainer and will put new, again anything the Dynamo will not achieve, despite serious enough budget.