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How to create supergroup

on May, 6th German earMUSIC will let out a single of supergroup WhoCares created by legends world fate - music: Ienom Gillanom (Deep Purple), Tony Ajommi (Heaven and Hell, Black Sabbath), John Lordom (eks - Deep Purple), Niko MkBrejnom (Iron Maiden) and Jayson Njustedom (eks - Metallica). And I, imagine, has put to it a hand!

in February, 2009 I was in structure a press - a pool shining visit of the president of Armenia on the Munich conference on safety issues. In a press - the centre I have come across in YouTube video written down in 1989 stars of fate a cover - versions of great hit Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water. All means from song sale were then are directed to the help of the Soviet Armenia which has suffered from Spitaksky earthquake of 1988.

in a head at once has flown: Has passed exactly 20 years, it is necessary to think up something . And evening of the same day I already told about the idea to a deputy head of Presidential Administration of Armenia Vigenu Sargsjanu. Vigen it was short: Perfectly, operate!

the initiator of project Rock Aid Armenia in 1989 was 24 - summer John Di. It was found out that it has an account on Facebook. I have written the letter to the mister of Dee and in 15 minutes has received the answer. John wrote that itself thought as - that to note 20 - ju anniversary of the project, in particular to let out remix Smoke on the Water. In the evening of the same day have decided that we will do joint project Rock Aid Armenia/ Armenia Grateful 2 Rock ( the Fate helps Armenia/ Armenia helps fate ) .

In 1990 I was 14 years old, and once coming back from school, I have seen on shop near our house a huge inscription a white paint: Ian Gillan in Yerevan, May 17 - 20, 1990. Yes, Gillan has gone to the big round across the USSR, and has given four concerts in Yerevan. I think, it is clear that could test 14 - the summer teenager, listening to live performance of the idol, standing in several metres from a scene!

with John Di we worked over the project eight months - our electronic boxes have inflated from thousand letters. But we have secured with the consent of Iena Gillana and Tony Ajommi to arrive to Armenia, and the president of Armenia has signed decrees about rewarding fate - stars the Honour award - one of the higher state awards of Armenia.

John said that it is necessary to find the project for which means from release of remix Smoke on the Water will be directed. We have solved: It will be music school N 6 in Gjumri (the former Leninakan), completely destroyed in 1988 and since then huddling in iron small houses.

they have arrived to Yerevan late at night on October, 1st, 2009. When to an arrival of visitors there were some hours, have come e - a mail. Manager Gillana wrote that they already sit in the plane, but at a star the crown has broken, and I should find for it the dentist... And I have remembered the young doctor who treated to me teeth. I do not know that at you it is planned for tomorrow, but in the morning at 9:00 we will bring to you Iena Gillana, you will paste to it a crown - I have told to it by phone.

at the airport I have approached to Gillanu: We have agreed with the doctor, he will wait for us in 9 mornings . He has softly smiled and has very sincerely told thanks. And this minute I have understood that this person becomes for me native and something big, than fate - a star of world size to which millions worship. The car on the way to the dentist my friend, near to it conducted Gillan, and I sat on a back seat. Me held apart from incredibility of an event. Ien Gillan sits at arm`s length in my car, and we go under the prospectus of Bagramjana!

Then there were two happiest days of my life. In Gjumri pupils of music school have given a concert for stars, having met their interpretation Smoke on the Water. And I was not surprised, when next day Gillan and Ajommi have declared that will write new songs to gain money for building of new school.

in March, 2010 Gillan has returned to Yerevan and has given two concerts with the Philharmonic orchestra of Armenia all gain from which has been listed in school fund. And in October I have departed to London where new song Out of My Mind which all admirers of Gillana and Ajommi can buy since May, 6th has been written down.

here such history at me. We constantly search for the answer to a question: what is the happiness? Probably, the happiness is to feel the participation in a birth of the supergroup which songs with impatience are waited for by thousand admirers. The happiness is to open the electronic mail box and to see there letters from Gillana. And at last, the great happiness is a comprehension of that people on which music you have grown, very good and kind people.

a ring with a secret
N 11 Gelija Delerins about salad from a squid

More than the ideal!
dear edition my favourite the Spark !

I Admit - I the admirer of your magazine. I am young enough and I can not brag of that I read it years 10 or 20. But since 2006 every week I hasten in shop after new portion of fascinating reading. And in epicritic year when the magazine could not leave an offline, it touched me more, than the credit which suddenly began pay to our family unreasonably difficultly.

I from those readers who usually do not write responses to articles. I have enough of that we discuss pleasant articles of the house over a cup of tea. And that I store all your numbers (though with an exit of a new format it began to do more difficult) and sometimes I address to last articles.

I Try to read magazine from cover to cover and I begin always with the end - the Photo finish a column of the editor-in-chief and, of course, the Man and the woman . So it was moved. On what response was left by these three small materials in my heart, I already foresee the rest. It sounds silly, but indeed. Not always we live the rational.

I the researcher, the sociologist and too work in edition of one magazine, only the scientific. But I write to you absolutely in other occasion. Some time ago on pages of your magazine there was a new heading the Feast . In the beginning I have not turned on it proper attention, it too seemed foggy and indistinct. The recipe one, and how many words, thought I. Then gradually began to look through these articles - as the author deeply digs! The whole culinary history, and sometimes and a detective. But then, after some months, I have suddenly found out that my list of the first materials on which I intuitively judge number, includes also this heading. And the author, Gelija Delerins, became literally my standard! As it loudly sounds, but, having thought, I recognise that it so. Especially after article about the Ideal woman. As it is a lot of us such - broken off between a native home and favourite work.

the letter I want to express gratitude of Gelii for its warm articles, for how she is able, speaking about meal and dishes, to transmit imperceptible spirit of a family cosiness and as inspires let on small, but feats. Here I already notice that I do not buy ready half-finished products, and attentively I go round vegetables and novel me of seasonings. According to her advice I allow to try to the children vegetables with which they do not want to eat, but I hope that will gradually fall in love with them. I carry that my elder son with pleasure eats greedily greens, the Greek salad and " to merits of Gelii; Caesar though still recently he did not allow to strew to me even parsley a ready dish, and at tomatoes refused to look. Gathering a family for picnic, I any more do not buy up, as before, suhariki and the other beautifully packed chemistry, and I do house sandwiches with refuelling vinaigrette, I dream over sauces, separately packing them into jars, and I take with myself carrot, cucumbers, pepper - on the nature children eat greedily them with not smaller appetite, than chips.

and after article the Ring with a secret I know that it is not perfect - there is no the worst comparison, than comparison with perfection. She lives, developing and learning new, moving to own ideal of mother, the wife, the expert. At it the same as and at all of us, the people who have left the half-starved childhood with monotonous kotletkami, with salads and supchikami when the problem of our mothers was reduced to that, as though to feed and where to get products, the first acquaintance to any new taste, whether it be a sea reptile, seasoning, kapersy or olives has taken place. In all of us there lives Alisa who is glad to get acquainted with new and novel. And as it is healthy that we have possibility to learn new smells, tastes. It too taste of life.

thanks you for your useful work. Thanks to you we change, and I hope, to the best.