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Sea ducks are spat, when them eat

Whence at you persebes?

Persebes catch all year long, collective way. They grow colonies in places of strong inflows, prefer cool water. In the world of all some places where they breed are severo - the West of Spain, coast of Canada and Morocco. Geographically far persebes are similar on a structure, differ only on colour and the size a little. The small persebes grow just in Spain, we therefrom and deliver them. In Morocco they it is more, but in legs at persebes sea water which anywhere does not disappear contains until you will not open it on a plate - therefore Spanish persebes nasyshchennee and it is more beautiful than others. Well like as fleshy borovichok against a long-legged honey agaric...

why persebes name a sea duck and costs such a duck more expensively oysters?

the Duck Call them from - for structures. Persebes consists of two parts: kozhistoj a leg and a bone head in the form of a duck beak. They are firmly moulded by a leg to rocks, eat persebes the same as oysters and whales - filter a plankton short moustaches. Personally to me a sea duck superficially resembles the turtle pad, and grows well precisely as a mushroom! Colonies persebes fasten to rocks and are constantly washed out by a wave. It is very pure product: near to persebes seaweed cannot grow even! Besides how many to us came persebes - any yet has not got the spoilt. The same reason: perishing, persebes unclenches a muscle and comes unstuck from a rock, and it is washed away there and then by a wave. The second, from - for what the price on persebes varies from 35 to 120 euros for kg, - process of extraction. Speak, at catching sea ducks annually in Spain perish 2 - 3 skilled fishermen. All because ducks As well as honey agarics, grow only on rocks and are visible happen only in outflow. The boat floats on rocks, further hunters dismount, these manually remove myceliums put in a boat. Not to ruin population, will always leave one - two families. During a storm it is impossible even to swim up to to mushroom places so, there is a season, when catching sea ducks it is strongly reduced - here then - that and the price for this cleanest albuminous product flies up.

it is how much nutritious a sea duck ?

the Well of vitamins B1, B2, calcium, iodine - and all it at low, more low, than at an oyster, to a fat dale. Very dietary product. But to it not naeshsja, certainly. And not only from - for the prices though, buying persebes, you buy also a stone piece on which has grown a duck . But also for technical reasons: at to a redose probably albuminous poisoning.

Where to find persebes in Moscow?

Only in fish boutiques, alternative to Moscow - Spain, but its northern part, baskskaja. In Catalonia about persebes can and did not hear anything in general, already in Madrid the price for it flies up sharply. To cultivate a duck have not learnt yet, therefore and a cult of consumption do not create. And if it rakoobraznogo knew the whole world - would eat for a day all world population. Perhaps therefore enthusiasts tried to grow up persebes on rocks of Black sea... It has not turned out. Well does not grow persebes in other waters!


And you ask them! Here see, what at them under a bone collar of companies big...

tell then how correctly to prepare and eat persebes?

the apron is To begin with necessary not to splash to itself and the neighbour clothes. The second: we take for kozhistuju a part a duck And by other hand it is held a bone part and it is turned off a neck at the basis. During this moment persebes can to spit warm sea water in which we both stored, and carried, and zashparivali it. Dovorachivaem hands one against another also we pull out the pink meat attached to a bone fabric, we eat. I tell, why inside water warm... There is only one recipe persebes - to boil them in sea water, not to boil at all - to throw in boiling water and once again to finish to boiling. These are seconds. We submit only with a lemon, and that - that hands to wipe. Whether

it is possible to eat persebes crude?

Is not present, unlike wild oysters. But after all and mussels do not eat with the crude. The elementary and short heat treatment. By the way, in boiling sea water it is possible to add a few white wine and the bay leaf is will underline new scale of taste. On the other hand, oysters were only crude earlier, and now them both bake, and fry. Personally I as the head cook not against to experiment with persebes, especially with its large representative. Though when the first time has seen them is was surprised very much. Strannee all there was that persebes were not afraid, have opened and Asians, and Europeans master not. But some grow cold till now with their one kind.

what strong drinks we will accompany snack?

On - baskski it would be dry sidr, on a habitual Russian template - white wine or whisky. Whisky even is better, is assured.