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Alexander Lukashenko has risen on struggle with enemies

the President of Belarus has called parliament and inhabitants of all country to struggle with enemies . And in relations with Russia Alexander Lukashenko took a pause . Observers assert that odious appeals of the power of the country pytjutsja to distract the population from problems in economy.
Belarus takes a time - a miss in relations with Russia. The countries of the West want to strangle Belarus. Belarus will consult and with 5 - j a column and with 25 - j. It only a part of statements which were made by Alexander Lukashenko, acting with the message to the Belarus people and parliament.

enemies will attack Belarus in all spheres, from political to economic, Lukashenko is assured.

on international scene there is a revision of principles of functioning of economic systems, - the president of Belarus has declared. - Having suffered losses, having lost a considerable share of the actives, the leading world companies and the whole state will messages especially rigid, cruel struggle, to impose the aggressive economic strategy .

They should be restored, - Alexander Lukashenko has continued. - at the expense of whom? At the expense of the weak are always restored, we have well felt it in 10 - m to year, and should be ready to an aggravation of a competition in the conditions of the epicritic world .

Drawing an image the malicious big brother and a hostile environment, the power of Belarus try to distract people from real problems of the country, the Belarus politician Anatoly Lebedko considers.

the Power tries to supervise all civil society, even political opposition with different success, - Anatoly Lebedko has stated the point of view. - But that it does not supervise is an economy .

Here in the conditions of economic problems also there are such intentions to create an image of the enemy, to mobilise all for struggle, - the politician has explained. - when priorities in themes of conversations change, to us try to impose now a stability and order theme to struggle with enemies instead of to solve economic and social problems .

In the performance the president of Belarus also has declared that excessive democratisation of life has resulted in act of terrorism in the Minsk underground in the country. democracy our enemies " always used; - quotes Alexander Lukashenko Interfax .