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Swindlers have credited Goznak

In St.-Petersburg scandal about forging of documents with original forms " has inflamed; Goznaka . Swindlers suggested to use the services through a world wide web - the damage from their actions to a consequence still should be estimated. In the meantime, the suffered unitary enterprise otkreshchivaetsja from obvnineny in the address.
in Petersburg the group of the swindlers who have adjusted forging of documents in industrial scale is exposed. Thus they used original forms Goznaka . The group structure included 4 persons. False diplomas, certificates and inquiries through the Internet came true, has told the official representative of Management To the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Larissa Zhukov.

field investigators have found out such site on which it was offered to forge documents of any sample and so on and so on - all services on the Internet. They have started to untwist all chain and left on accomplices and organizers of criminal group - she has told.

criminals offered a fake of diplomas of various high schools of the country, forms of the work permit, sick-lists, certificates on the conclusion, cancellation of marriages, birth certificates and death - any documents having validity in territory of the Russian Federation, - Larissa Zhukov has added. -

documents by mail in the form of letters to 5 thousand pieces a week, by means of electronic post service and personal delivery " Were realised;.

the Representative Goznaka Natalia Nikifirova has declared in interview FM that charges to the enterprise are premature.

to take out from Goznaka forms, it is necessary to make these superfluous forms, because Goznak Makes the documentation of the strict reporting, and we on each form of the document have a serial number on which we strictly report - at us the enterprise of strictly mode, - she has noted. - on my memory there was no case that something have stolen.

that Goznak always extreme in such situations, we have got used. And on the other hand, most easier so to say, but this a little irresponsible statement .

it would be possible to provide with the documents Withdrawn during a search third of all population of Russia.