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The ships of Northern fleet will direct to gulf of Aden

Group of the ships of Northern fleet in the near future will be directed to area of gulf of Aden on change to the ships of Pacific fleet (TOF). The Russian Naval Forces solve in this region of a problem on counteraction to a sea piracy.
on it on April, 21st has informed RIA News the official representative of management a press - services and information of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation on the Navy. the main command Military - marine sea fleet considers a counteraction problem to a sea piracy in a distant ocean zone of one of the priority. Rotation of the fighting ships around gulf of Aden and Horn of Africa will be continued. In the near future for navigation safety one of the ships of Northern fleet will be directed to this area - the representative of the Navy has told. He has underlined that the next group of the fighting ships of the Russian Navy, in particular Pacific fleet, has finished performance of problems in gulf of Aden and area of Horn of Africa with high indicators.

group of fighting ships TOF as a part of the big anti-submarine ship Admiral Vinogradov maintenance courts Pechenga and SB - 522 now comes back to a basing place to Vladivostok. On May, 7th ships TOF will make business calling in the Vietnamese port Da Nang. Group TOF actions are estimated by the main command of the Navy, as effective. From December, 2010 till April, 2011 the group has spent through dangerous areas of 14 escorts of civil courts of various classes (total 91 vessel, from them 35 courts with citizens of the Russian Federation). As a part of crews of these courts there were 237 citizens of the Russian Federation.