Rus News Journal

Shish kebab, beds, we will dance

the 1st of May capital pleasure institutions meet amicable recession of tour activity, perfectly understanding that citizens have more important entertainments - like summer residences and country picnics. However directors of some clubs, possibly, hope that at night summer residents will come back in a city and will necessarily go on dances. a world roof on Friday in general arranges the World day of dance counting on the prosperous audience which in general - that should be at this time already on resorts. The Berlin duet M becomes headliners of night here. A. N. D. Y. Patrick Bodmera and Phillip Junga. Co-owners important in a techno - the world a record - companies Get Physical, M. A. N. D. Y. Write hard, elastic and absolutely not dull flew - a house with the bright sated bass which could shake easily platforms and more Roofs . Patrick and Phillip in which name of a duet words " are ciphered; Me and you In general quite often act in this club and always with success. This time arrival of Germans which together with 1995, it is formally dated for an exit of their new firm compilation from series Bodylanguage - already by the tenth under the account. In it admirers of a duet besides habitual for M. A. N. D. Y. Flew - a house can find out also sad dip - a house.

to fans of a trance on Saturday direct road to club Milk where will take place festival Dutch a trance - label Armada. This company, probably, can become the champion by quantity of divisions (26) which would let out like different trance subspecies, but distinguish them from each other ardent admirer Armada can only. However, Dutches do not disdain to let out and flew - a house, but in the general circulations of a label it is a drop in the sea - the trance is published here directly - taki in megalomanskih scales. Not clearly in general, who needs such quantity of a trance, however financial indicators Armada will be envied by other majors. The third year successively it recognise the best in the world under the version as handed over in Miami International Dance Music Awards. We will add that the label heads one of the most known transerov the world Dutch Armin van Bjuren, however in Moscow its company will be represented by continuous youth - the Dutch duet W &W, the Australian DJ TyDi and the Maltese duet Tenishia. All of them at various times were successfully noted at profile festivals like Trance Energy then have got under wing Armada. From this number it is beaten out unless Dutch Ruben de by Ronde who works at Bjurena one of bosses - selectors of a label, and itself reduces a mix of a trance with progressivom.

Admirers brejksa and old regime storm brejkbita in the spirit of early The Prodigy should pay attention on Discoteque where on Friday the British veterans Stanton Warriors will act. Dominik Butler and Mark Jardli 15 years work together, in this time they were in time posotrudnichat almost with all authoritative commands, any side concerning to brejksu and brejkbitu, for example Chemical Brothers and Gorillaz. The successful disk Stanton Sessions recognised as the most sold compilation of a genre, guys have let out still a decade ago. However that was the mix, and to the first own longpleja The Warriors British have ripened only in the spring of this year. All its tracks are already accessible on the Internet, and from their listening it is possible to draw the satisfied conclusion that Stanton Warriors have kept that primitive rejverskuju power and a pressure for which in 90 - e loved The Prodigy. But thus British were not preserved - over powerful bit soldiers there is a powerful reading which organically lays down in a rhythm. Modern brejkbit, dancing hip - hop - definitions here it is possible to think out any, it does not influence quality of production of British, feet go in difficult pljas. By the way, domestic nuggets of a genre to which have undertook to warm up English masters of broken rhythms the big advance payments stood out. Speech about a command Spirals actively mowing under The Prodigy and the same Stanton Warriors in the beginning 2000 - h, then gone and now gathered again - including for the sake of performance in Discoteque.

And the last about this club for today: according to a fresh rating British DJ Magazine, the institution on were gazgoldernom factory was included into the list of hundred best clubs of the world, having occupied in it 75 - e a place. Before direct competitors Discoteque from Arma which and this year are present at the same rating achieved similar successes only, but are estimated by British hardly more low - 87 - e a place. In other words, now we have two dancing clubs recognised by other world. In DJ Mag Discoteque praise for successful balance between a musical underground and a mainstream, enviously noticing that the VIP - the institution zone is quite often hammered with shine the dressed femmes fatales and effective businessmen in cash . Thus in Arma too come stylish cartridges but the basic public here hipstery, in addition is unique, according to the English edition, the Moscow club without feis kontrol. If who not in a course such, like illiterate words in western klabberskoj environment could describe the draconian entrance policy of the Moscow glamour institutions. Means that the club serves not only elite or impressively dressed - specially explain features capital klabbinga in British DJ Mag.