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War for children

Parents in Russia worries attention of officials to their children, becoming more and more steadfast. In spite of the fact that, on the official statistics, the number of deprivations of the parental rights since 2008 has decreased from 74 thousand to 56 thousand in 2010, in a society the sensation gets stronger that the state intends to interfere with intrahome life too strongly.
the bases for such sensations are. The official statistics does not include number of pre-judicial withdrawals of children at parents guardianship bodies. How many they occur across all Russia - it is not known. But each case illegal, from the point of view of citizens, withdrawal of children leads to scandal and rough discussion on the Internet and mass-media. As anybody plainly does not explain to people, the panic grows in what cases and why children can take away, and clearness does not appear.

the situation has become aggravated with acceptance in the Russian regions of new regulations of the commissions on affairs of minors (they co-ordinate work of bodies of guardianship). In Moscow such new regulations operate since January, 1st of this year. In it tutors of all kindergartens have obliged to examine children about a beating, to inform the authorities on the drunk parents who have come for the child and to hold competition of drawings, having studied which as authors of regulations consider, it will be possible to draw a conclusion on well-being or trouble in a family of the preschool child.

at meetings of parents even more often ask to listen to an event in the next apartments and to inform in police at noise of serious quarrel . From the most conscious citizens of the power the report on itself wait: many parents have received the questionnaires developed in department of formation of Moscow which contain questions, like whether you in a public place Can strike your child? .

citizens explain suddenly arisen interest of the state to children intention to create in country juvenalnuju justice though would be more correct to tell about juvenalnyh principles, as juvenalnaja justice - system of special courts which are engaged both affairs of minor criminals, and crimes concerning children, - only one of these principles. Actually people are disturbed more by already existing pre-judicial selection of children when ladies possessing not clearly what powers from guardianship bodies can, having carped at a small living space or to poverty, to consider children being in socially dangerous position and to withdraw them from a family.

to understand the one who as well as from whom wants to protect the Russian children and why these defenders became more active recently, the Power has had a talk (the material " see; Everything of that in juvenalshchikah are afraid, - all not so ) With the responsible secretary of the capital commission on affairs of minors and protection of their rights Yury Kotovym .

The opinion on why juvenalnye methods are inadmissible in Russia, has stated (the material " see; It is a plague on our houses ) managing chair of sociology of a family and a Moscow State University demography, the chairman of branch of demographic forecasts of the International academy of researches of the future Anatoly Antonov .

And that it is better to understand how the Russian methods of state protection of minors from parents correspond with experience of other countries, the Power has studied (the material " see; the Eurochildhood ) experience Germany and Finland in which juvenalnaja the system operates many years.