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To the Pentagon have picked up the minister of a pocket

US president Barack Obama on the night of Thursday Moscow time has taken part in online - conferences which has taken place in a staff - to apartment of social network Facebook in a city Has fallen - Alto (State of California). The American leader has answered eight questions of the founder of a site of Mark Tsukerberga, employees of the company and ordinary users of a network.

time most part has been devoted discussion of an economic situation in the USA. Mister Obama admitted that economy on - former grows not so quickly as it would be desirable though on a number of indicators considerable successes are reached. In particular, mister Obama has noticed that for last one and a half year in the USA has been created almost 2 million new workplaces.

answering questions, president Obama has mentioned a vital topic of reduction of budgetary expenses. In particular, as he said, volumes of assignments of the Minister of Defence of the country considerably razduty. We have already reduced the Pentagon budget approximately to $400 billion I Think, it can be cut down on $400 mlrd - mister Obama has noted. Besides, he has declared expediency of reduction of subsidising of the American oil and gas giants, at which and so all is remarkable .

In turn, volumes of budgetary receipts can be increased by means of increase of taxes to well-founded Americans. such people as I and you, Mark, heavy taxes " should pay more; - the US president to founder Facebook has addressed.

Speaking about a possible victory of the candidate from Republican Party on presidential election of 2012, Barack Obama has declared that their economic policy will go a heavy burden on shoulders of simple Americans. As he said, republicans will lower tax burden for representatives of the upper class, and reduction of profits compensate reduction of expenses on development of alternative power, an education system and a transport network of the country.

according to observers, conference has been urged to involve on Barack Obama`s party more than young Americans. Not casually the president has urged users Facebook to direct energy which they show in social networks, in real life to end of the speech. However, come to the end conversation remained are happy not all. what good joke, Facebook! I so am glad that you have held this meeting for the workers. It appears, the button to ask a question was only a joke - has written user Sintija Spurling which question remained without the answer.