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Absence of conditions for education

the Power publishes a fragment from Regulations of interdepartmental interaction on revealing of family trouble, the organisation of work with the families which are in socially - dangerous position (a difficult reality situation).
Criteria at definition of the families which are in a difficult reality situation:

- absence of conditions for education of children (absence of work at parents, other lawful representatives, the place of residence, unsatisfactory living conditions and etc.) ;

- absence of communication with school, an inattention of parents to progress of the child;

- death of one of parents;

- leaving of the father/ mothers from a family, divorce of parents;

- constant conflict situations between relatives, between children and parents;

- returning of parents from imprisonment places;

- families in which children have committed a crime or an offence.

criteria at definition of the families which are in socially dangerous position :

- default or inadequate execution by parents and other lawful representatives (trustees, trustees of minors) the duties on life-support of children (absence at children of necessary clothes, a regular food, non-observance sanitary - hygienic conditions, connivance to bad habits of the child - alcoholism, a narcotism and etc.) ;

- abusing parents (lawful representatives) spirits, the use of narcotic (psychotropic) substances, an immoral way of life (prostitution and so forth);

- involving of children in illegal or antisocial actions (begging, vagrancy, prostitution and etc.);

- presence of signs of cruel treatment of children (signs of physical, mental, sexual or other violence) from parents (lawful representatives).