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In an armchair of the public prosecutor situated near Moscow Yury Chajki`s person

the New public prosecutor of Moscow Region has sat down there was Alexander Anikin - the former head of management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on fight against corruption and protege Yury Chajki. Experts underline that the new head of department situated near Moscow also is noticed in scandalous business about kryshevanii a casino.

the regional Duma has confirmed the promoted worker of the Seagull on a post of the public prosecutor of Moscow suburbs. Alexander Anikin was given assignment after Alexander Mohova`s scandalous discharge which appeared in business about illegal casinos.

new public prosecutor Anikin till today supervised over management of the State Office of Public Prosecutor on fight against corruption. However management work was ineffective at Anikin, the head of National anticorruption committee Cyril Kabanov considers.

an essence of work of this management is corruption counteraction as to actually power, legal and corruption displays. The big successes in work of this management are not present. In the Office of Public Prosecutor, I know that in regions representation about that tormoznuli this or that legislative and podzakonnyj the certificate, - has told it was a little brought. Is a management supervised acceptance of all standard, legal certificates in regions.

it is very little brought in Office of Public Prosecutor of representations in the area of this management that, for example, the certificate contains corruption forms, it is impossible to accept it .

as the newspaper " informed; Alexander Anikin was in time has participated in scandal with illegal casinos. It is a question of Dagestan. When Anikin was there with check, local authorities have addressed to it with the request to stop casino work Gold empire . However Anikin has not accepted measures.

Thus the first deputy of the chairman of the Duma committee on safety Michael Grishankov familiar with Alexander Anikin, says that the new public prosecutor - the person with faultless reputation

I do not know actually any stories which could give up a shade for its work, such sincere open person who really tried to fight for the state interests.

For the person who works for a long time in Office of Public Prosecutor, it is good prospect though it should rake avgievy stables Moscow Region, - he has noted. - Moss and Ignatenko has been created by the previous management adverse conditions if not to tell more roughly, the system of concealment of crimes has been created. I do not doubt that it will encounter very serious resistance because corruption systems are very difficult for breaking .

Scandal round Office of Public Prosecutor situated near Moscow has arisen in connection with business about illegal casinos. As a result of checks public prosecutor Alexander Mohov and its assistant Alexander Ignatenko have been dismissed.

Familii Mohova and Ignatenko sounded in connection with business about underground casinos in Moscow suburbs. Illegal institutions in 15 cities of area according to the investigation brought from $5 to $10 million a month. Representatives of Investigatory committee have declared that the grouping operated under the protection of Office of Public Prosecutor and militia. It was informed that some heads of Office of Public Prosecutor and the Moscow area Municipal Department of Internal Affairs went to have a rest at the expense of organizers of an illegal gaming.

in mass-media there were photos of the main figurant of business of Ivan Nazarov in Alexander Ignatenko and Alexander Mohova`s society. After the information about possible " has been published; kryshevanii Prosecutors of underground casinos, relations of Investigatory committee and the State Office of Public Prosecutor have sharply become aggravated. Now decisions SKR about excitation of criminal cases concerning the public prosecutors, connected with Nazarov`s business are cancelled by Office of Public Prosecutor.

Alexander Mohov is already appointed by the assistant to the Moscow inter-regional transport public prosecutor.