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For rescue of five years` Iljushi Budnevsky does not suffice 989 301 rbl. more

Managing branch of Institute of children`s haematology and transplantology of R.M.Gorbachevoj Natalia Stancheva (Petersburg) tells: At Ilya T - a cellular variant sharp limfoblastnogo lejkoza, adverse, with high risk of relapse . It is not possible to reach remission: Now we plan a new course of chemotherapy - rigid, protivoretsidivnoj. And still a unique variant of rescue is transplantation of haemopoetic deckman cages from the unrelated donor . According to doctor Stanchevoj, preliminary search in the international register was revealed by two ten potential donors for Ilya, and it gives hope . After change powerful medicamentous support is required: antibodies, protivoinfektsionnye and protivogribkovye preparations, preventive maintenance of dangerous complication - reactions a transplant against the owner .

Search of the donor in Fund Morsha (Germany) and transplant delivery to Petersburg will manage in 17,5 thousand 834 562 rbl. More it is necessary on medicines about which madam Stancheva speaks. As always, our constant partner the Petersburg fund Advita will list 303 554 rbl. (details on rusfond. ru). 250 thousand rbl. More were brought by the Moscow company, wished to remain not named. That is does not suffice 989 301 rbl.

Dear friends! If you decide to rescue Iljushu Budnevsky let you are not confused with the rescue price. Any donation will be accepted with great gratitude. It is possible to list money in welfare fund the Help (founders the Publishing house and Lev Ambinder) and on the bank account Iljushinoj of mum Marina Anatolevny Budnevsky. All requisites are in the Russian fund of the help. It is possible to use and our system of electronic payments, having made a donation from a credit card or an electronic cash, including from - for a boundary (a detail on rusfond. ru).