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Medicines will rise in turn

Quantity of customs posts in Moscow Region, the medical products intended for registration, before summer can be reduced about 20 all to four. Now through them passes to 80 % of all import, therefore farmkompanii are afraid of faults in deliveries.
the federal customs service (FTS) has published the order project according to which in Moscow Region there are four customs posts which will acquire the right to perform operation with medical products on the site. It is the Lytkarinsky post (warehouse of the logistical operator Ajtems - Warehouses ), Davydovsky ( Farmat ), department of customs registration and customs control N 2 Davydovsky customs posts ( Norston ) and Mamontovsky ( the Customs warehouse Transservice belonging to group Has leaked ) .

Now order FTS is on examination in Ministry of Justice if it will pass it will be registered and later 30 days after the publication in to the Russian newspaper will come into force, the representative has specified a press - services FTS. Now, it has explained, registration can be made on any of 20 customs posts located in Moscow Region. According to plan of service, reduction of posts will occur in May. The remained four posts have licences of Roszdravnadzora for realisation farmdejatelnosti.

According to the centre of marketing researches Farmekspert in 2010 into Russia it has been imported 1,87 mlrd packings of medical products, in money terms import has made $9,89 mlrd that in turn makes about 70 % of all home market. The director of marketing agency Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD) in Russia David Melik - Gusejnov considers that to 80 % of all medicinal import passes through customs of Moscow Region. He is afraid that actions FTS can lead to failure of deliveries farmproduktsii and even to absence of some medicines in drugstores. importers, farmdistributory and drugstores work in the rigid schedule, stocks in branch small, therefore if present terms of registration - two - three days - for example, udovojatsja, it can lead to appreciable absence of the goods on regiments - he warns.

owners of four authorised warehouses assert that their capacities are now loaded not completely, therefore delays will not arise. capacities of the base terminals established by the order, it is quite enough for processing of all volume of medical products arriving in the Moscow region - the managing director of the company " assures; Norton Alexander Kuleshov. The project head Farmat Dmitry Dain notices that its warehouse now works only on 20 % of the designed capacity which makes 1,25 thousand cars a month .

But importers all the same worry. The director for development of Russian office Alliance Healthcare of Vera Perminova expects turns at customs though hopes that registration terms essentially will not increase. General director Stada in Russia Ivan Glushkov considers that theoretically importers can rastamozhivat production in other regions though their present logistics of it does not mean. As he said, from - for reforming of customs system to importers not to avoid faults. It is possible to try to spend customs registration and storage of medicines in different warehouses though it is not so convenient, mister Kuleshov touches variants.

as informed On April, 21st, FTS works over carrying over of customs registration of the goods to frontier regions - after November, 1st 2011 on posts of Moscow Region, St.-Petersburg and adjoining areas of Leningrad region it will be possible to clear of only extremely limited inventory.