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Lebedev Vyacheslav Mihajlovich the Private affair

Was born on August, 14th, 1943 in Moscow. In 1960 - h years worked the pupil rezalshchika in printing house and the mechanic at factory of ferro-concrete pipes. In 1968 has ended Moscow State University faculty of law. After study worked in Central administrative board of industrial building in southern areas Minpromstroja of the USSR. In 1970 it is selected by the national judge of the Leningrad regional court of Moscow, since 1977 - the chairman of Railway regional court. Since 1984 - the vice-president, since 1986 - the chairman of the Moscow city court. On July, 26th, 1989 the decree of Presidium of the Supreme body of RSFSR it is appointed by the chairman of the Supreme court of RSFSR (since 1992 - the Supreme court of the Russian Federation). In 1999 it is re-elected on the second lines. In 2007, after introduction of competitive selection of candidates on a post of judges, has won elections and was pereutverzhden for six years. The doctor of jurisprudence, the professor, the deserved lawyer of the Russian Federation, the author more than 50 scientific works. Has the higher qualifying class of the judge. It is awarded by awards For merits before Fatherland the second and third degree.