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Fair Russia changes after the leader

Fair Russia yesterday has replaced a management of the Moscow branch of party. Nikolay Levicheva who has held a post of the party leader instead of the speaker of Council of federation of Sergey Mironov, in capital branch the head of administration of party fraction in the State Duma Alexander Ageev has replaced. Meanwhile change of the party leader can result and in other personnel shocks in Fair Russia . Concerning the stay in party Oksana Dmitriev intends to be defined the leader Petersburg spravorossov. Change of head of a selective staff of party which at the former leader was headed by the deputy of the State Duma Oleg Mikheyev is possible also.
till now a post of the head of the Moscow branch Fair Russia the head of the Duma fraction spravorossov Nikolay Levichev whom past Saturday congress has selected the new leader " headed; Fair Russia instead of Sergey Mironov (see from April, 18th). Yesterday at conference capital spravorossov by the successor of mister Levicheva in Moscow its assistant in branch and the head of administration of fraction in the State Duma Alexander Ageev has been selected. Addressing to colleagues, mister Levichev has scarified those who said that political life is not present, and all dares from the Kremlin has thus assured members of the same party that prospects Fair Russia after change of the leader only have increased. mister Levichev has assured that Alexander Ageev the whole year prepared for this work, well knows Moscow and skilled enough politician as was the deputy of the State Duma of last convocation. On a question on what role is taken away to mister Ageevu on elections to Duma, mister Levichev has informed that the party list in region unessentially should head the person who is carrying out functions of the head of a Communist Party organisation .

However change of the party leader, and after it and heads of the Moscow branch can appear not last personnel shock for Fair Russia . In the near future, as mister Levichev has noted, there can be a change of heads in to a dozen branches, where regional branches still limp, and to them there are questions . The Head of administration of party Oleg Mikheyev has confirmed that replacements of heads will pass in branches, where at party weak positions . To name them it has refused. Meanwhile uncertain there are positions of the mister Mikheyev supervising a selective staff of party two last regional campaigns. Earlier in party leadership declared that work of mister Mikheyev is recognised by successful and its staff will work on elections to Duma. The new party leader on a question The future head of a selective staff of party has declared: I, to tell the truth, from newspapers learn that we have a selective staff and that someone heads it. Such decisions for the present was not accepted . Oleg Mikheyev has reminded that words about a staff which has been created in the autumn, has held a regional election and will continue work belonged to Sergey Mironov.

while it is not clear and that will be with one of key for party the Petersburg branch. From Legislative Assembly of Petersburg in federation Council mister Mironov was put forward and upon Petersburg elections in party in this sense rested serious hopes. We will remind, the leader Petersburg spravorossov, the first zamglavy the Duma fraction Oksana Dmitriev at congress has openly declared that is dissatisfied with change of head Fair Russia as the party already had chances to strike solving blow on monopoly an United Russia . In this connection assumptions that Dmitriev`s madam can leave from " have already sounded; Fair Russia . In - the first, hearings are strongly exaggerated, but that I am defined on many positions, is truth - Dmitriev`s madam " yesterday has declared; . Under data the final decision she declares on May, 1st after will meet with Petersburg partaktivom.

to Speak about possible results Fair Russia on forthcoming elections to Duma after personnel shifts in party and about the one to whom it can be favourable, mister Levichev did not become yesterday, having noticed that, unlike VTSIOMa, forecasts does not give.

we will notice that on poll spent VTSIOMom on April, 9th among 1600 Russians, for United Russia party members 48 %, for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation - 10 %, for LDPR - 7 %, and for " are ready to vote; Fair Russia - 5 % of citizens (a barrier through passage to parties - 7 %, and that who will receive 5 - 7 %, are put one - two mandates).