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The NATO Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov will probe yesterday the earth in Libya

has warned the West against carrying out of overland operation in Libya. As he said, it can lead to risky consequences . Meanwhile, apparently, the USA and their nearest allies seriously consider possibility of intrusion into Libya, understanding that in opposition between insurgents and the governmental armies there was a stalemate. However, while the main rate becomes on the British, French and Italian military advisers who will be soon sent in the country captured by war.
we are disturbed by succession of events to Libya, this obvious retraction in the conflict on the earth. It is fraught with risky consequences, - head has declared yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov, being on a visit in Ljubljana. - The history knows cases when all began with a direction of instructors, and then all was stretched on many - many years and led to death of hundreds and thousand people from both parties . This statement has sounded next day after Great Britain, France and Italy declared readiness to direct to the aid of the Libyan opposition of the military advisers. As assure of the European capitals, they are army officers who will not accept participation in operations. Advisers will be engaged in preparation of Libyans in the field of investigation and rear maintenance. However experts believe that military experts of the countries of the NATO in Libya will not be limited to the declared program.

it is not casual yesterday the assistant to the secretary general of the United Nations on humanitarian questions Valeri Amos which has agreed about departure to Libya humanitarian cargoes, has warned the NATO against allocation of special armed security forces for United Nations escorts. As she said, it can subject employees of the United Nations accompanying cargoes, to superfluous risk. our duty - to give the help on an impartial basis - she has underlined.

we will remind, opposition between insurgents and loyal to the Libyan leader Muamaru Kaddafi armies proceeds two months. In the beginning of April the governmental army has rejected rebels on the east and already some weeks tries to take the city of Adzhdabiju which will open a way on revolutionary capital Bengasi. In the west of the country insurgents with huge work keep the city besieged from different directions - port Misuratu which has already turned to a symbol of resistance to dictatorship - the western journalists compare it about Sarajevo. Thus all perfectly realise that insurgents keep exclusively at the expense of air support from the NATO.

after fast falling of modes in Tunis and Egypt observers expected fast crash and the Libyan dictatorship. However the mode of Muamara Kaddafi has appeared is hardy. if insurgents were serious fighting force, supports of the NATO from air it would appear it enough, - the expert American razvedyvatelno - analytical company Stratfor Marko Papich has declared to Reuters agency. - But all understand that it not so .

Participants of operation of the NATO in Libya, including its most active lobbyists - France and Great Britain, assure that will not go on military intrusion. Meanwhile, as the Algerian newspaper " confirms; Al - Habar the USA have already addressed to a management of Algeria with the request to estimate possible consequences of such intrusion into Libya. In particular, the Pentagon the opinion of Algeria, how much intrusion of armies of the western countries interested will strengthen positions Al - Kaidy in the north of Africa. The USA also have requested the Algerian colleagues about possible assistance in a case of the beginning of land operation. It was a question of the permission to use of the Algerian air space military - transport planes of the NATO, and also the help in evacuation of wounded men.

to count that the Libyan insurgents will consult by own strength, it is not necessary. to Make of them the prepared soldiers it is possible, - the former high-ranking western military man has declared Reuters. - however their preparation will demand at least some months. In Iraq at us years " have left on it;. However, military experts consider that in the near future, with approach of a summer heat, intensity of fights in Libya considerably will decrease. So, the western instructors will have an opportunity to prepare efficient army for opposition. In this case the West can avoid necessity to begin overland operation against Muamara Kaddafi.