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The pizza on carrying out

One of the largest restaurant holdings of Siberia Novosibirsk New York Pizza (NYP) loses an important active - two institutions in a municipal film concert complex (KKK) of Mayakovsky. From - for debts NYP in some millions roubles with it the lease contract is terminated, and the mayoralty intends to move company institutions on court. Will reserve these areas in the centre of Novosibirsk NYP uneasy - the company where supervision is already entered, creditors literally besiege. On claims KKK of Mayakovsky to holding New York Pizza yesterday has informed and. An island of the director of a film complex Elena Ageeva. As she said, now NYP works in territory KKK, without having the lease contract. The former contract with entering into Open Company holding New York a pizza fud service ( Fud service ) has been terminated from - for infringements of a lease term and debts on a rent (about 1 million rbl.) And to utility bills (some millions roubles). NYP occupies in a building about 232 sq. m. Now with institutions NYP here operates Open Company the TOP - the Chief which does not have contract with the mayoralty, madam Ageeva confirms. She admitted that does not know, how NYP it is possible to reserve these premises.
NYP became the tenant Mayakovsky in 2003, having opened here at first small fud - court. Then it has added with its restaurant the White hall in the former night club NVN belonging to the company Siberia of Show . Under data , the new restaurant was in management NYP, however Siberia of Show remained the co-owner of this institution.
holding New York Pizza is based in Novosibirsk in 1996 by American Eric Shogrenom. Now operates the network of pizzerias with the same name, a network of cookeries - dining rooms the Cousin Coffee houses New York Coffee, a bar of New York Times, snackbar Diner. As a part of holding confectionery manufacture the Cousin . In management of municipal property of the mayoralty have explained that the lease contract of premises in KKK has been concluded by holding NYP between department of ground both property relations and Open Company Fud - service . But in connection with inadequate execution by the tenant of the obligations under the contract the mayoralty has submitted two claims to arbitration court: about collecting of debts and lease contract cancellation, and also about collecting of the penalty for unapproved transfer of a premise to using to the third party - Open Company the TOP - the Chief . Under the claim about collecting, cancellation and eviction the court has already passed the positive decision, but in department it has not arrived yet . At the moment Open Company the TOP - the Chief continues to use uninhabited premises KKK of Mayakovsky without registration of contractual relations with department. In this connection concerning the given organisation documents for claim preparation about collecting of superficial enrichment and premise clearing " prepare; - have informed in the mayoralty.
with representatives most NYP yesterday it was not possible to communicate. The Mobile phone responsible for press relations of assistant Eric Shogrena Evgenies Golovkovoj did not answer all the day long. Earlier madam Golovkova declared in a press that its company it agree with all claims and does not want to waste time on the lawyer . As has informed a source in the restaurant market, now in the White hall the new managing director who represents interests of this company is appointed. According to the source, mister Shogren promised to pay off debts and undertakes for this effort but when the American businessman will manage to make it, he has found it difficult to assume.
in July of this year concerning Open Company New York a pizza fud service Under the claim of tax inspection of October area the arbitration has entered bankruptcy procedure - supervision. NYP other creditors attack also. For the last some months have been submitted to arbitration court about 50 claims to holding with the requirement to extinguish debts for the put goods, raw materials, packing or the rendered services. Only this week court references of the companies " understood; the Center Polymeric technologies Riakom Union TM and also private security department at the Department of Internal Affairs on the Central area of Novosibirsk. An essence of all submitted claims - default or inadequate execution of obligations .
Under the information a top - the manager of one of the large Siberian restaurant companies, Eric Shogren now carries on negotiations with potential buyers of the restaurant business whom can become certain capital structures . I think, all can already dare in the nearest couple of months. If it does not find in any image money its company or can become the definitive bankrupt, or it will have a new owner - he has assumed.
Stanislav Sokolov, Novosibirsk