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the Government has approved new edition FTSP of development of the Kaliningrad region, calculated on 2009 - 2014. According to governor of the region George Boos, the program will give a powerful impulse for the further forward development of region, especially in the conditions of global financial crisis . The volume of financing of the program will make 436,5 mlrd rbl., including of the federal budget - 56,8 mlrd rbl., the budget of the Kaliningrad region - 12,4 mlrd rbl., off-budget sources - 367,3 mlrd rbl.

the Summons
the Volume of financing of support of small and average business in 2009 will make of the federal budget 10,5 mlrd rbl. (twice more than in 2008), in 2010 - to 17 mlrd rbl., in 2011 - 22 - 24 mlrd the rbl. On it were informed by the president SUPPORT of Russia Sergey Borisov. Besides, support will be rendered small enterprises through Foreign trade and investment bank and the Russian bank of development, and also the authorised banks. Such banks will be about hundred, Sergey Borisov believes. In 2009 it will be directed credits to small businessmen through system of Foreign trade and investment bank 30 mlrd rbl.