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Independence of Kosovo has replaced the external managing director

the UN Security Council has approved placing in Kosovo European Union missions - EULEX which will replace there United Nations mission. Hardly probable not for the first time for all time of discussion of a Kosovan problem the West has gone on a serious concession of Serbia: EULEX will have the neutral relation to the status of Kosovo that Belgrad can treat as actual non-recognition of independence of edge. However in practice a little that will change it: independence of Kosovo already recognised 52 states.
the Security Council has unanimously supported the report of the secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon which has stated the plan of placing EULEX. Expansion of this grazhdansko - police mission of EU which becomes now new external managing directors in Kosovo instead of United Nations mission, was tightened almost on half a year. Earlier it was interfered by Belgrad and Moscow demanding, that changing of the guard in Kosovo has by all means blest United Nations Security Council. And recently the Albanian authorities of Kosovo opposed to the plan of placing EULEX - they were dissatisfied with the amendments brought on an insisting of Serbia.

key change consists that EULEX will have the neutral relation to the status of Kosovo that can be interpreted as actual non-recognition by external managing director of Kosovan independence. Besides, the plan provides preservation of control of the United Nations over police and customs in northern parts of Kosovo where Serbs live mainly. By data from the western sources, at first EULEX it will not be placed at all in the north by Kosovo, and then will co-ordinate there the activity with representatives of the United Nations, while in other Kosovan territory - with the Albanian authorities.

from - for these two positions of the plan Prishtina up to the end did not give the consent to its acceptance. The Albanian authorities asserted that the new plan of expansion EULEX undermines the Kosovan sovereignty And its realisation means actual division of Kosovo into the Serbian and Albanian parts. However the pressing rendered by the conducting EU countries has taken effect: arrived on session of Security Council head Skender Hiseni has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo readiness of Prishtina to co-operate with EU mission.

but the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Serbia Vuk Eremich which also were present at New York, did not hide triumph. Serbia, including Kosovo, becomes a member of the European Union within next several years, - is assured he declared. - we will enter EU with highly lifted head and with preservation of our territorial integrity .

However, placing of mission of EU in Kosovo even taking into account the Serbian wishes essentially does not change a situation. In spite of the fact that in made the secretary general of the United Nations the report words it is not told about the plan of Ahtisaari expansion EULEX is an important stage of realisation of this plan which just and provides independence of Kosovo under EU protectorate. Besides independence of edge already recognised 52 states, that is more a quarter of all members of the United Nations. It has given to the representative of the USA Rouzmeri di Karlo possibility to declare: Process of finding of independence of Kosovo from Belgrad is irreversible .

In Moscow it, certainly, understand, though officially and express categorical disagreement with the western estimations of prospects of Kosovan independence. And Ban Ki-moon Moskva`s plan has supported for the simple reason: as the Russian diplomats recognise, about it Russia was asked by Serbia.