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Army leaders have extracted the permit in holiday

CSKA yesterday has provided to itself an exit from group H. Soldiers in Luzniki have beaten - 2:1 - Polish Leh . It was the third victory of soldiers successively. Final game with French Nancy the Moscow club will spend, most likely, duplicating structure.
a match against Polish Leha could guarantee to soldiers a preschedule exit in 1/ 16 cup-finals UEFA. And the head coach of CSKA Valery Gazzayev in predmatchevyh interview especially noticed that for its command essentially important to take the first place in group that in play - off to meet weaker contender.

words of the Russian expert have not dispersed from business - CSKA left on game against not the most difficult opponent extremely motivirovannym. From first minutes soldiers showed excellent movement and aiming at gate of the opponent. The second hand has not had time to make a complete revolution as Vasily Berezutsky has dangerously punched a head after giving of the angular. But Wagner was the main character in a command of soldiers nevertheless. The Brazilian perfectly combined with Alan Dzagoevym. The zabivnogo forward was searched constantly transfers both flank havbeki by Milosh Krasich and Yury Zhirkov. On 15 - j to minute Wagner could open the account in a match, however the Brazilian with hands have adhered on an input in penal the contender. The obvious foul the main arbitrator of a meeting Pereira Gomish Duarte has seen.

but not only Wagner, all soldiers in game against Poles felt so freely that defence began to be connected to attacks all is red - dark blue more actively. Even the careful defender of CSKA Anton Grigoriev afforded dangerous attacks on the left flank. After five minutes after the foul not noticed by the judge on Wagner, Sergey Ignashevich of metres with 20 has tastefully punched on collars, but the Polish goalkeeper Ivan Turina with blow has consulted.

Against inventive soldiers Leh made depressing impression. Basically Poles diligently beat off from uncountable attacks of CSKA, and only occasionally Muscovites allowed them to strike blows of metres with 25. Only in one episode defence of Muscovites has given failure, having given the chance to the player Leha to jump out in private with Igor Akinfeevym. However the goalkeeper of Russian national team has reduced in time a distance and has taken away threat from gate.

CSKA attacks have crowned a goal on 31 - j to minute. Wagner has pulled together on itself of several players Leha also has rolled out a ball on the centre to Alan Dzagoevu. The young halfback has not left chance to the goalkeeper of the contender. And already during time added to the first time Muscovites, appear, have removed all questions on the winner. On zabros Dzagoeva in the penal has responded Yury Zhirkov and has softly cut a ball over thrown out on interception Tourist`s other.

After CSKA break, already provided to itself a comfortable difference in the account, marvellously did not begin to save force and to depart in defence. Soldiers indifferently continued to besiege methodically gate Leha . And to operate football players of CSKA tried variously, alternating flank attacks to breaks on the centre. Conducting game of the command Wagner over and over again deduced partners on shock positions. The safe current of a match has a little lulled vigilance of protection of soldiers, and on 66 - j to minute Semir Stilich has hammered from the penal. The halfback Leha hung in a thick of players, however a ball, without having touched anybody, has flown in gate of disoriented Akinfeeva.

the Hammered ball has inspired Poles on the small storm which has poured out during some unpleasant moments in penal CSKA. Having scented wrong, Valery Gazzayev has replaced Anton Grigoriev often losing the position on Elvera Rahimicha, having strengthened thus a midfield. Shift has worked, and till the end of a meeting of scoring chances at gate of Akinfeeva did not arise. However when already there was an extra time, the goalkeeper of Russian national team has pulled out the hardest ball from the standard. The player Leha has again hung in a thick of players, and the ball after a ricochet has departed under a crossbeam. But Akinfeev has contrived and, already like having flown by by a ball, nevertheless has managed to beat off its one hand.

this victory has provided CSKA an exit in a spring stage of Cup UEFA. Heads of army club have warned in advance that in case of a successful outcome of a match with Lehom most likely, will send on game of last round with Nancy on December, 4th reserve structure.