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Arcady Novikov was tired of rural life

Known Moscow victualer Arcady Novikov in an early autumn has sold the largest ground active - collective farm Ruzsky the occupying 5 thousand in hectare of farmland in Ruzsky area of Moscow suburbs. The sum of transaction is estimated in $100 million Businessman was in time in time: since September of the transaction in the earth market in Moscow suburbs have practically risen.
mister Novikov has sold 5 thousand in hectare of farmlands in village Nikolsky, Joint-Stock Companies which were on balance Ruzsky for $100 million, has told one of the brokers working in the ground market of Moscow suburbs. To name the buyer the interlocutor has refused. such investor, as Arcady Novikov, among investors of collective farm Ruzsky now does not appear - the representative of local administration has informed, also having refused to name the new proprietor of Joint-Stock Company.

the Chief executive of a group of companies of Arcady Novikova Tatyana Burdelova has confirmed the information on sale by the businessman of collective farm Ruzsky . To name the buyer, she has refused. The name of the new owner is not known to ground brokers. In the uniform state registry of legal bodies the data about the new proprietor is absent.

the director of department of realisation Villagio Estate Pavel Trejvas and the sales manager of the company Europe invest Anna Shishkin consider, the sum of $100 million adequate to quotations on which transactions during the pre-crisis period consisted.

the victualer has redeemed farmland in Ruzsky area about two years ago, the ground broker has specified. Joint-Stock Company specialisation Ruzsky - animal industries and cultivation grain, but thus no manufacture in the collective farm with the same name existed. On a site of administration of area it is said that in Joint-Stock Company three workers are registered all. Besides, in 2002 Arcady Novikov has bought in area Rublevo - Uspensky highway the destroyed hothouse industrial complex on 6 hectares where are now grown up a strawberry, salad and other agricultural cultures.

Arcady Novikova`s group of companies has been created in 1992. It the co-owner more than twenty conceptual restaurants, including Imperial hunting Verandahs at a summer residence the Market Vanilla Vogue - cafe, Galleries . Cumulative turn GK in 2007 has made $170 million

Arcady Novikov has had time to sell collective farm in time, players of the market recognise. Today transactions in the ground market of Moscow suburbs have risen, thus on sale is exposed 40 thousand in hectare - twice more than in 2007, the director for holding development " marks; MDK groups Alexey Tonkonogov. Besides, activity of a management of collective farm Ruzsky has interested law enforcement bodies. So, on October, 1st on a site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs there was a message that the Ruzsky regional court recognised the general director of Joint-Stock Company Ruzsky Anatoly Vdovenko, eks - the head of ground committee of Ruzsky area Valery Ivanov, former head Nikolsky of rural district (where there were earths of the victualer) Igor Piskuna guilty of swindle with the agricultural earths.

at Arcady a good nose: he knows when to throw off not profile active - the president of Federation of victualers and otelerov, the owner of a network " speaks; Nostalzhi Igor Buharov. As well as land owners, victualers have already felt on themselves crisis: from the beginning of September they have fixed falling of sales volumes on the average on 5 %. Some companies - Arpikom (networks Kolbasoff Filimonova and Jankel ) A network of coffee houses Coffee - hauz - declared intention to dismiss 10 - 30 % of employees (see from October, 28th). The majority of victualers have frozen on the nearest half a year start of new points. Arcady Novikova Tatyana Burdelova`s representative did not begin to inform, where means from sale of ground actives will be directed. Among last projects announced by group of the businessman, building on roof TSUMa of an additional floor the area of 6 thousand in sq. m, where restaurants will take place (see from April, 15th). Besides in March, 2008 Arcady Novikov became the owner of a country house of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace on lake Como. The sum of transaction was estimated in £ 26 million (see from March, 17th).