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Dalaj - the llama has risen across the summit

Beijing yesterday has confirmed officially the refusal of carrying out of the summit China - the European Union, planned for December, 1st. The Chinese party has assigned fault for failure of this annual summit to France and its president Nikola Sarkozy. Head of the Elisejsky palace has displeased Beijing that contrary to several preventions from the Peoples Republic of China, has not refused a meeting with the spiritual leader of Tibet dalaj - the llama as which in Beijing consider as the dangerous separatist.
Nikola Sarkozy decision has deprived the summit the European Union - China necessary constructive atmosphere and has made impossible achievement of objects in view. In such conditions China did not have other choice, except summit carrying over - has declared yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China on the site.

to reschedule an appointment top-level for uncertain time Beijing motivated the Decision with that soon after the summit the president of France presiding in EU Nikola Sarkozy was going to hold a meeting with dalaj - the llama which the Chinese authorities accuse of separatism and attempts to achieve independence of Tibet. The meeting of the spiritual leader of Tibet with head of the Elisejsky palace will take place on December, 6th in Poland where both of them has invited Polish eks - president Leh Valensa on the occasion of 25 - j anniversaries of award to it a world Nobel Prize (the winner of this award in 1989 became and dalaj - the llama).

About extreme undesirability of a meeting with the head of the Tibetan government in exile Beijing warned Paris three times, directly letting know that it will lead to deterioration of mutual relations. But the similar prospect, obviously, has not strongly frightened mister Sarkozy. This week the official representative of the French government Ljuk Shatel has declared that the meeting with dalaj - the llama will take place, as well as has been planned. much to our regret, the French party could not answer adequately efforts of China on maintenance of relations with France and the European Union - ascertained in the answer the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China, notifying on summit failure.

China practises indicative punishment of those who welcomes dalaj - the llama, not for the first time. Last December to the Minister of Finance of Germany to Peteru Shtajnbrjuku gathering with important visit to China, as a matter of fact have let go whistle from - that in September German chancellor Angela Merkel has received dalaj - the llama. The German authorities have acquired a lesson: during a trip of the spiritual leader of Tibet to Germany to this August Berlin has circumspectly sent to welcome the leader of Buddhists of the minister of development of Hejdemari Vichorek - Tsojl. However, madam Merkel really not could then again to meet with dalaj - the llama as was in long foreign tour. And here the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Frank Walter Shtajnmajer, according to many, has meaningly avoided a meeting, having referred to a busy schedule. However, official Beijing has given a hostile reception to reception of the foe in Germany even at modest ministerial level.

Dalaj - the llama any more becomes for the first time a serious irritant in relations between China with France. After rigid suppression of the Antichinese demonstrations in Tibet in the spring of this year Nikola Sarkozy one of World War I of leaders has admitted possibility of boycott of opening of the Olympic Games in Beijing if the Chinese authorities do not sit down for a negotiating table with representatives dalaj - llamas. However, threats from Beijing has forced head of the Elisejsky palace to win back back: It all - taki has arrived on opening of games, and then has refused personal meeting with dalaj - the llama in August when that came to France, having sent to see the leader of Buddhists the spouse Charles Bruni and the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bernard Kushner.

what motives stood up for the present decision of mister Sarkozy to meet the head of the government of Tibet in exile, not clearly. But it is absolutely clear that the first step to reconciliation with Beijing will be compelled to make Paris. in China there is a saying Who has provoked a problem, that and should solve it . The present situation was created not by China - it is transparent has hinted yesterday at the one whom in Beijing consider guilty in summit failure, the official representative of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Tsin of Ghana.