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Union in secret deal to save Labour from bankruptcy

the Largest British trade union has rescued the Labour party from bankruptcy, having guaranteed it financial support. Meanwhile the party refuses to open details of this confidential agreement.
in June trade union Unite which has already given to the Labour party £ 13,4 million since Gordon Brown became the prime minister - the minister, has officially assured the up to the ears in debt party that will support it. The Labour party and Unite have confirmed to newspaper The Times the fact of existence of the similar agreement, however they refuse to inform a detail.

within summer the election committee said that the data about these guarantees should appear in its open register. However in presented no mentions of it existing the commission on Wednesday the quarterly account about political donations.

Representatives of the Labour party and committee-men have declared that agreement details do not need to be disclosed, as these guarantees extend on future, instead of on last incomes. However in June sources in Unite said to newspaper The Times that these guarantees more scale and that the trade union was obliged not to suppose bankruptcy of labourites never.

the Party recognises that in the summer it was in a risky financial position, the sum of its outstanding loans has reached £ 15 million, and sacrificers demand from it returning of means to the sum £ 1,5 million

the Source in the Labour party has informed that the party has delivered the detailed report to auditor firm Horwath Clark Whitehill which has contacted creditors, including trade union Unite, for reception assurances that they will not stop financing. According to the representatives of the party, similar actions From the legal point of view cardinally differ from granting of guarantees of concrete loans about which it is necessary to report to election committee.

the shadow minister of affairs of an office of Fransis of Fashions in this connection has noticed: the Public has the right to know: if between Unite and the Labour party the agreement, what conditions and positions of this agreement has been entered into?

lord Oukshott, the representative Liberally - democratic party, concerning the finance has told: If any political party is capable to exist only in the presence of guarantees from external supporters these guarantees should reveal in full, as loans or donations. Even if the Labour party also does not leave thus for legality frameworks its actions nevertheless obviously contradict spirit of the law .

the Election committee has informed that the Labour party financial position has improved during the period from July till September when the party has received donations for a total sum £ 7,5 million Nearby £ 2,1 million have given trade unions, and it is less, than the last months, from them £ 500 thousand were given by trade union Unite. In first three months of this year of 92,6 % from total amount of financing of party have made means of trade unions. Conservative party has received only hardly more £ 4 million, without considering public funds. Their sources of financing are more various - 260 private persons and the companies, while at their Labour party only 77.

the Increase in donations in Labour party fund sharply contrasts with indicators of the last quarter, from April till June when they have made in total £ Tory party for this period has collected 3,8 million £ 5,6 million

Labour party Debts at present make £ 15 762 280, and Conservative - £ 12 113 165.

Liberally - the democratic party has received for a quarter £ 599 177. Among its sacrificers - sir Elton John and David Fernish everyone of them has brought on £ 10 495.

Parties should report to election committee in any received donations or adjustable transaction in which she participates. Any given parties concern such transaction loans or credits, and also all transactions connected with these loans, - the election committee has declared. - political parties are not obliged to inform the commission of any agreements, concerning the future financing unless it is a question of adjustable transaction or donation reception .

the Election committee has not informed, whether it is known to it about the fact of granting of guarantees.