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Rostelecom has revealed in the Russian Railway

Yesterday it became known that 40 % of actions of the largest operator of a long-distance communication Rostelecom belonging to earlier investment bank the WHALE of Finans pass under Open Society control the Russian railways (Russian Railway). In October owners the WHALE of Finansa (on 45 %) steels ALROSA and the Russian Railway, and the remained 10 % of bank will receive now affiliated companies of railway state monopoly. The Russian Railway already owns the basic competitor Rostelecom in the market of the main traffic - transtelekomom .
that 90 % of actions of investment bank the WHALE of Finans gets a consortium as a part of YOKES ALROSA and Russian Railway Open Society, it became known in October (see from October, 9th). Also the consortium has received control over bank the WHALE of Finans Insurance and a share in the joint venture with the international investment company Fortis Investments. After end of transaction ALROSA and the Russian Railway will receive on 45 % of actions of the bank, the remained 10 % will get to other shareholders, was told in the bank message. Yesterday it became known that this share will be received by the under control Russian Railway of the company: Joint-Stock Company the National capital and UK transfingrupp (p. 15) more in detail see. Thus, the Russian Railway becomes the supervising shareholder the WHALE of Finansa and the owner of actions belonging to it Rostelecom .

that the owner about 40 % Rostelecom is the WHALE of Finans it became known in the summer of last year. This package bought up investment bank at a stock exchange about one and a half years (from the beginning of this year till September supported a stock value of the operator at level 220 rbl. for one ordinary action) in interests UK the Leader the controllable insurance company Sogaz . Yesterday the representative of the Russian Railway has explained That the company was not defined yet how to dispose of this active, having referred that the transaction will be finished only next year. with the advent of the new shareholder of anything cardinal for Rostelecom will not occur - its general director Konstantin Soloduhin speaks.

Open Society Rostelecom it is created in 1993 by the order of the State Property Committee on the basis of 20 enterprises rendering services long-distance and an international telecommunication in territory of Russia. Under own data, occupies approximately 84 % of the market of a long-distance communication. The gain for the first half of the year 2008 - 30,6 mlrd rbl., net profit - 5 mlrd rbl. of 51 % of shares of company belongs to Svyazinvest the others in the free reference on RTS, the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange and NYSE.

For the Russian Railway of 40 % of actions Rostelecom already the second telecommunication active: the state monopoly also posesses 100 % of actions of the main operator the TransTV set - The competitor Rostelecom in the market of the transit traffic. In 2002 possibility of association of these companies was considered. Then the president transtelekoma there was Sergey Lipatov, and in company board of directors two representatives " have been selected; Svyazinvest : assistants to the general director of holding Anton Osipchuk and Vadim Belov. However assumptions that Rostelecom supervised Svyazinvest can influence management transtelekoma have not justified, and the theme of possible association of the companies and has not had development.

according to mister Soloduhina to unite Rostelecom and the TransTV set it is unreasonable, as a competition in the market, especially in a camera segment, will essentially decrease that is not equitable to the state interests. I did not hear that such configuration is discussed. If shareholders have such problem they will sound it also our opinion will ask - the general director " spoke; Rostelecom in interview in November (number from November, 10th see).

As the Russian Railway the state company, destiny of 40 % of actions Rostelecom will depend completely that the government will decide to do with Svyazinvest - analyst FK " is assured; Uralsib Konstantin Belov. - to Sell this package of the Russian Railway to private investors will give nobody . Yesterday cost of papers Rostelecom on the Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange in 18. 25 has grown on 12,8 %, to 200,9 rbl. for the action, capitalisation has made $5,35 billion