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Sedrik Klapish dreamt to shoot a film about a favourite city years ten as, but paternal - that did not dare. It is difficult to tell, whether has added determination of Sedriku Klapishu success of the collection Paris, I love you whether has hastened it Tokyo which soon leaves on the Russian screens, but Paris follows fashionable tendencies. Though on a plan of the director Paris any not the collection of short stories, and a high-grade two-hour film.

Sedrik Klapish has begun with selection of characters. The first that it has made, - has invited six actors to leading roles (including Romena Djuri, Fabrisa Lukini and even Zhjulett Binoche) which were united by desire to work together. And only then has begun to select to each character its history. Let stories are invented, but unless actors not Parisians?

it was necessary to connect only destinies of characters in one history against Paris. The coherent had been appointed the protagonist - expecting transplantation of heart Pierre (Romen Djuri), to which anything else does not remain how to observe of others: that with pleasure, with clear envy. It seems to it that they are obviously happier. But subjects of its supervision, it appears, are not so ready to rejoice to destiny. At each of them the trouble, the difficulties and the envy.

to Face with each other in a bakery, in the market, at lecture or to be seen of a window of a penthouse of Pierre it is necessary almost to everyone, to receive chance of individuality - the little. Among them Pierre`s sister, mother of three children Eliza (Zhjulett Binoche) who very much tries to care of the brother, and he tries to convince her to take care of itself(himself) - their dialogues are shrill and amusing. Or the elderly professor is more true (Fabris Lukini) who dares at unusual acts - pouhazhivat for the young student or to swear with the favourite brother from - that never will be such, as that: the normal.

observed in the course of work on a film there are more than ten, they usual people of the most different trades and strangenesses. The history of each of them could be opened not less, than history of the protagonist. But tell Sedrik Klapish about destiny of each character is high-grade - the film would last couple of days, and to force them it would not be possible to meet and at all. The director hardly probable not violently connects these, as a matter of fact, another`s each other people casual meetings and timid smiles. On a place of these heroes through passage I would demand to myself the separate director.