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sine - white Ekaterina Istomin
chose Sine - the white scale can be considered by right as the most classical in jeweller art. The matter is that this palette is provided with two basic jewels - a white brilliant and dark blue Kashmir sapphire which since the Victorian epoch can be called dark blue velvety . A question on that, how much classical sine - white precious compositions can appear basically popular year from a year, should to remain opened, in our opinion. We will repeat, it is difficult to find even more classical jeweller combination, perhaps, only white pearls with white brilliants. Another matter that jewellers and watch-makers annually and not without success try to give to formal scale new, more delicious, more effective fashion - a kind, to make sine - white ornaments and hours approaching not only for evening, but also for a cocktail and day.

Experiments by habitual image begin with rings as from the most emotional and symbolical jewelry. Certainly, classical front doors sapphire solitery - the soloist, fine sine - a velvety stone in an environment unartful white bagetnyh brilliants - only slightly are exposed to recutting. For example, in such rings more playful components can be added: diamond ruches leaves various figurative elements. The size of such ring can be considerably increased: from evening to true koktejlnogo. However the essence of an ancient invention remains all to the same: it is invincible triumphing benefit performance of the central dark blue stone.

that fact is interesting that classical and very quiet sine - the white scale suddenly starts to get in vanguard, art, is underlined artistic jeweller things to which, at first sight, accepted radical materials. As vivid example from a line high jewellery Red Carpet, devoted to ten years` participation juvelirno - the hour House new ring Chopard in this case can serve in the Cannes film festival. Dark blue sapphires and white brilliants have received in the given product not expected gold, and, on the contrary, an unexpected titanic frame, slightly chernennuju. Occurrence of the titan, metal, unusual for jewelry, speaks the weighty technical reasons: ring Chopard so huge in size that, if it has been made of gold to carry it would be employment athletic. And here then the easy titan to the aid has come and to give to a radical ornament more precious a kind, jewellers Chopard used dark blue sapphires and white brilliants.

the Swiss watch-makers who for case registration concern a choice of jewels very much with watchfulness (for example, Patek Philippe or Rolex), sine - white scale allocate among all the others. After all it ideally helps sports and difficult hours to look jeweller.