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Ekaterina Istomin
Popularity pink and others sweet admired a pink palette, karamelnyh shades has two reasons. The reason the first, stylistic: such colours very often meet in national, ethnic jeweller styles - from Gipsy and Creole to Indian and Japanese. Today, in connection with leaving from a fashion concrete etniki, its place is occupied with ornaments, only slightly, with a stroke, the turn, reminding about it. The reason the second, emotional: karamelnye shades is best others can prove all glamurnost jeweller hours or jewelry. In any measure the present kingdom of pink, collection gold and pink stones (from quartzes to corals and pearls) is logic end of long history of rehabilitation of jeweller luxury, it izlechivanija from minimalism 1990 - h. However, is here and one more reason is a convenience.

sweet Hours and jewelry improbably simply to carry. They are easy on lifting. In them there is no especial bottom, special depth, reefs and currents or certain secret senses. These subjects can be characterised so - are simply beautiful. These are ready gifts, always able it to be pleasant. These are true precious toys, the present trifles.

rather widespread reasoning that pink hours and pink ornaments are monophonic, more truly, are same from the point of view of colour, in a root incorrectly. The palette here is great: from sparkling, it is gentle - pink to a creamy coral shade. A similar variety is reached first of all at the expense of used stones. Jewellers only also are glad to work with pink materials - after all them so much! It both matte corals, and transparent, with dymkoj quartzes, and playful, with a red interior, tourist`s raspberries, and disgraces with a spark. Certainly, unique possibilities are offered in this case by pearls, both cultivated, and a natural origin: one sweet tones here it is possible to count to twenty.

as to gold of a pink shade its popularity has slightly other roots, than a fashion on pink stones. The pink gold involved now both in ornaments, and in hours, throughout last five years slowly but surely gained in strength. The fashion on pink gold was entered by the Asian collectors, admirers very difficult and expensive watch. Demand for hours with pink cases has appeared so is great that it began to use not only the watch-makers who are letting out models with complications, but also the masters representing jeweller hours.