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in capital spa is recommended by Svetlana Martynushkina
I very much like to give useful gifts. Such which will be necessarily demanded and will give pleasure. Spa - in a gift is day both beauty, and health, and a relax in one bottle. Believe, such gift will necessarily estimate, will remember, about it will long remember and tell to friends. It is important to make a correct choice only: you should give that necessarily tried on itself and remained are happy with result. Here my recommendations - four spa - the centre, capable to satisfy the most whimsical and exacting fans of procedures of beauty.

a beauty salon and spa Aldo Coppola: here always full fashionable public, and it is clear - the Italian centre Aldo Coppola was and remains to one of the main legislators of style in Moscow. Gift certificates look accordingly: they are beautifully issued, they are pleasant for having control over. For convenience they are executed in four variants - on 200, 300, 500 and 1000 c.u. the Choice of offered procedures huge - for example, the unique program of a relaxation perfectly will approach in a gift to the husband who has tired of crisis moods; two-hour face care plus the mesotherapy will please the fellow worker; the course from ten sessions tightening perkussionnogo body massage will do good to the girlfriend who has just left the decree for work.

the following address - the beauty and health Center on New Arbate. Here work with my favourite Swiss cosmetics Valmont. Procedures on the person are spent by the first class cosmeticians who were trained in Switzerland. This mark is known for a long time in the professional circles, many remarkable spa prefer professional line Valmont. In addition the gift certificate for 6000 roubles offers also procedures on care of a body with use of the well-known cosmetics Thalgo based on extracts from seaweed.

Fans of the urbanistic approach to beauty (always the time trouble, absolutely is not present time to luxuriate in a bathroom or on a massage couch, and the result is necessary immediately) can safely go to Institute of beauty Dior that in GUMe. Beautifully, expensively, comfortably. Present the certificate on rejuvenating procedure to your chief - for certain it remains it is happy, moreover will walk on elegant New Year`s GUMu. At the same time something also will buy.

well and for most close and favourite - week - end - the program the Relaxation (3 days and 2 nights) in spa - centre Chalet Margeaux that on Rublevke. It at all spa - the centre, and as a matter of fact, the present resort one day or high-grade sanatorium. Here there is all: an excellent dietary house five-single food, pool, saunas, a huge choice of procedures for rejuvenescence of the person and growing thin. Having stayed here in silence and rest three days, you understand, that did not suffice you for entire happiness. The program expensive enough - 29 000 roubles, but, believe, it of that costs!