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it was necessary to involve the Financial investor from the very beginning

company profile

Oleg Jakovleva`s Basic active is the investment company Basis which operates a chain store system of the children`s goods the Banana - mum clothes and footwear chain store system the Avenue. Style of a big city and a network of salons of optics Look . The first shop the Banana - mum has opened on April, 17th, 2004 in Moscow. Now the company is one of leaders of the market of the children`s goods and owns more than 85 shops in 50 cities of Russia. Oleg Jakovlevu, as of October, 2006, posessed 57 % of a network, to the Cyprian companies Reprima Enterprises Ltd and Perelle Co. Ltd - 30 % and 13 % accordingly. Network net avails in 2007 - $287 million (48 - e a place in a rating the Top - 50 of the largest Russian ritejlerov ) . At the Avenue seven shops in Moscow and regions, first of which has opened in the spring of 2006. By data SPARK - Interfax a company gain in 2007 - 48,9 million rbl., dead loss - 42,1 million rbl. the Network Look it is opened in 2003, about 70 its salons are located in 20 cities of Russia. By data SPARK - Interfax the gain in 2007 has made 604,4 million rbl., net profit - 724 thousand rbl.