Rus News Journal


the Organizer of the auctions Limited liability company the Alliance of the Pro in connection with not taken place repeated auctions on Lota 1 informs on new terms of carrying out of the third auction opened on structure of participants and under the form of giving of offers on the price. The auctions will take place at 10 o`clock. 00 mines 30. 01. 09 about Tver, street Red Hills, d. 11.

Demands acceptance and other documents is made for participation in the auctions with 16. 12. 08 on 28. 01. 09, daily, except days off and holidays, with 10. 00 to 11. 00 on a venue of the auctions.

the initial price of property makes 36 850 374 rbl. the Deposit for participation in the auctions makes 5 % from the initial price and is listed till 29. 01. 09.

Structure and the characteristic realised Lota 1, and also other conditions of its sale at the third auction correspond to the conditions stated in reports of information, published in To the Russian newspaper 89 (4646) from 24. 04. 08 and 94 (4651) from 30. 04. 08 taking into account the features established by the present publication.