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the Organizer of the auctions - konk. upravl. State Unitary Enterprise EPPHO VSTISP informs on carrying out of the repeated auctions - the auction opened under the form of giving of the offer on the price on which the State Unitary Enterprise property " is realised; EPPHO VSTISP rasp. To the address: the Vladimir region, the Goose - Crystal r - it, d. Sea-buckthorn berries:

the Prize 1:

the Name the Price, rbl.

Garage 787 787

the Boiler-house 251 788

Is industrial - the laboratory case 2 806 361

the Artesian chink with pump station (reserve) 50 169

Hothouses (5 pieces) 27 360

Long-term plantings (sea-buckthorn berries) 987 574

equipment Elements on pouring of alcoholic production:

Counter PS - Z 27 300

the Press - the filter 37 800

Vyparivatel Alambik 32 400

the Initial price of a prize 1 - 5 008 539 rbl., in t. ch. The VAT. The deposit - 20 %. An auction step - 100 000 rbl.

To participation in auction are supposed juridich. And fizich. The persons who have in due time made an application in 2 - h copies on participation in the auctions, paid the deposit and registered as participants in day of tendering. On the demand are applied:

the Document, podtverzhd. Powers of the person to operate on behalf of the applicant: payment. The document on transfer of the deposit with a bank mark;

applicants - fizich. Persons represent a copy of the document proving the identity and notarially certified consent of the spouse;

applicants - juridich. Persons represent: Notarially certified copies will found. Documents, the certificate on registration and statement on the tax account; the document confirming powers of controls of the applicant; the decision of the corresponding controls resolving fulfilment of the transaction if it is required according to constituent documents of the applicant and the legislation, the inventory of documents in 2 - h copies.

for participation in the auctions it is necessary to conclude the contract on the deposit and to transfer the deposit into account State Unitary Enterprise EPPHO VSTISP 40502810700010000436 in branch Opole Joint-Stock Company Republican bank Vladimir, to/ with 30101810100000000764, BIK 041708764, an INN/ a check point 3314000712 331401001.

Demands with documents applied on them are accepted on the working days with 15. 00 to 16. 00, since 13. 12. 08 to the address: 600009, Vladimir, street Electrofactory, d. 7, kab. 203. Demands acceptance stops 11. 01. 09. In 16. 00.

the Auctions will take place 12. 01. 2009 in 12. 00 to the address: Vladimir, street Electrofactory, d. 7, to. 316.

the Winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the highest price admits. In day of tendering about their carrying out the winner signs the report on results of the auctions on which basis within 10 days with the Winner of the auctions the purchase and sale contract at the price offered by the Winner of the auctions and on conditions, defined by the contract consists.

on the auctions it is possible to familiarise with documents on the working days with 15. 00 to 16. 00 since 13. 12. 08 to the address: Vladimir, street Electrofactory, d. 7, kab. 203. Ph. a fax (4922 43 - 00 - 48.